A friend sent me an email one day. On it
were pictures of two churches marquees.
Each marquee arguing back and forth if dogs have souls.
The marquees wording frequently being changed, till in the end one
marquee compared dogs to rocks and rocks have no soul.
Rocks my friends, are not living creatures.
What I have always wanted to know is, how can anyone,
anyone at all, prove that animals do not have souls.
No way can they prove that theory.
Oh animals don't talk like we do, or think like we do,
but you can bet they do more then just go by instinct.
I have been around many different animals,
all my life and living here on the mountain
I have learned much about wildlife.
 Our old Mr Quills (porcupine) who in the end
struggled through a couple inches of snow,
but smart enough to then stay under our back porch steps,
where it was warm and dry. Then one day
we watched him wander off, through the snow
up into the mountain, and we never saw him again.
His winter season was over. He had
been visiting here for nearly fifteen years.

The blackbears, the cautious deer. Even watching
the birds and squirrels, not just what they
do but how they act towards each other,
and interact with each other.

Several years ago, a young bear came to visit,
and we went outside with him, and talked
to him, and he sat down, as I took his picture.

This is his picture. We named him Rascal.
The following year, he visited again, and I
talked to him, and he listened. He did not run off,
for he remembered my voice.
Ask the men or women who have lived in the mountains
and the interaction between them and bears, and other wildlife.

One time a group of people came to my house
when I was about 15 yrs old,
and asked me to get a cat out from under someone's house.
They knew how much I loved animals.
I went with them, and there was a crowd standing
around the porch, and underneath it a cat
meowing so that I could even hear it with my hearing loss.

I laid down on the ground and talked to it and it kept crying.
I slowly crawled under the porch,talking to it
the whole time, and finally coaxed it towards me.
When I finally succeeded in getting it to come me,
oh my, she was a big old yellow cat, and we all
could see why she cried so much.
On her front leg was a metal trap used for trapping
animals along creeks/waterways.
How long she suffered with it, no one knew.

From the metal teeth on her leg down to the tips of
her toes was nothing but bones, all the flesh was gone.
I yelled at the people, someone get this trap off her leg.
A man came up and as I held the cat on the ground,
he stepped on the trap to open and took it off.

I took the cat home with me, but she wouldn't stay
in the house. But you know what, that cat stayed in our barn.
She never left the property till she passed away.

We question whether they think or if they have souls.
But that cat knew we freed her from her agony
and gave her another chance at life.
That my friends had nothing to do with her instinctive behavior.
She gave us her love staying near us. She never let me
hold her again, but she always let me see her.
So do I think they have souls. You bet.
Do they have wisdom. You bet. They think much more
then we give them credit for. Humans should be
so wise, faithful and loving.

Think about this, what if God did not give us a voice.
What if all we had was our minds.
Would you then think we have no souls?

Every animal just like humans, cries when hurt.
Or when they are hungry. Their natural
instinct is to kill something to eat.
But what about the animals who happen by your door,
and sit there at the steps and cry.
Just as a child or someone hurt,
would do who needs help. The wildlife like deer
who are embedded in ice on a lake
or river, struggling till a human risks their life
to go help it out. Most people who help animals,
especially wildlife or strays, will say
"the animal looked back at me,
as if to say thankyou".
Ask the volunteers who save dolphins,
seals, or whales grounded on the shores.
Ask someone who works in an animal shelter,
where they tend to abused animals.
That is not instinct, that is the spirit
in them responding. BE STILL, WATCH, LISTEN.
They can't talk, but they tell us much with their eyes,
their actions/behavior, their spirit/soul
which is in them.

I am certain you have seen many pictures
on the internet, or on animal planet,
of animals taking care of one that is not their own,
or even of their own species.
These are my thoughts and what I will always believe.


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April 21st.,2009
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