What Easter Isn't

Song Title: "The Old Rugged Cross"

Easter is not about coloring eggs, the easter bunny or candy.
áEaster is not about getting a new hairstyle for Easter Sunday.á
It's not about trying to dazzle someone at church
with your new outfit with matching accessories.á
A big fancy meal in itself has nothing to do
with Easter. But it does have to do with fellowship with God,
family, and friends, who are invited to your home,
or you to their home.

God is not interested in your lifestyle;
but He is interested in YOUR soul.á
He is interested in your personal relationship
with Him and his son Jesus. What good is it to dress up the
outside of a man, woman, or child,
when it is the heart, mind, and soul, that needs
to be delicately cared for. It's the inside
of you that God is concerned about.
áHe gave his Son so that you could be redeemed.

á Easter baskets, egg hunts, and parades are nice for children.
áBut is anyone teaching them the TRUE meaning of Easter?
Do children know about the
resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Have you read the Bible and how Jesus was beaten,
and made to carry a heavy wooden cross and then
nailed to it, bleeding, thirsty. Could you see his
face, feel his pain, hear him praying, as
he hung on the cross, while the crowd mocked him.
A crown of thorns on his head, nails in his
hands and feet, tears in his eyes,
saying forgive them Father, for they know
not what they do. THEY knew what they were doing,
laughing and mocking him, throwing things
at him, stripping his clothes from his body, but still
He asked God to forgive them.
His blood was shed for you and me.
Do you and your children know that HE DIED
for ALL of us. He took all our sins unto himself.

John: Chapters: Verses 19-20

John: 3 - Verse 17
For God sent not his son into the world, to
condemn the world, but that the world
through Him might be saved.

God's son Jesus gave up his life so that we may
live freely, and make our own choices.
It's good to know that anyone can cast their
cares upon Him, that He will help their
pain, sorrow, sickness. It's good to know
that upon sincere repentance our sins can be forgiven.
It's even better to know that through accepting
Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we
can live eternal life in Heaven.
He died so that we can live, whoever will receive Him.
It is YOUR choice.á á

Be thankful in everything.There is always someone
who has it worse than you.á á
á It is often the little things that we take for granted.
áIt's easy to complain and blame,
but how about just being thankful.á
Thank God you woke up this morning.
That you Kissed your family; went to work or school.
How wonderful to welcome a soldier home from war;
or help those who are disabled accomplish the impossible.
á Build a prayer life and relationship with God.
áTalk to Him daily and He will Bless you
and help you through the difficult times.

Ephesians 5 - Verse 20
Giving thanks always for all things unto God
the father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My husband Joseph and I pray you all have a
Blessed Happy Easter

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Song Title:
The Old Rugged Cross

Written by ęBarbara L Carter aka Bluejay12
April 2009

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