This Page is Dedicated To my Father
William Henry Thayer Chambers 3rd.
1908 ~ 1971
And to all the dedicated men and women who worked
or might still work in coal generated power plants
and the coal miners and families over the years.

JULY, 2013

•Reddy Kilowatt served as a symbol for
Pennsylvania Power & Light from 1934 to 1981.
•Pennsylvania Power & Light was the largest single user
of anthracite in the world, consuming more than
1 million tons a year in the boilers of
its steam electric generating stations.

I am writing this page not only in memory of my dad and his
twin brother, my Uncle Don, but for all the men and women who work
or have worked in coal generated power plants.
My dad and his brother each,
worked for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company for
over forty years. Their first job was at the Hazelton Power Plant.
Then my dad was transferred to PP&L in Williamsport, Pa.
And finally he was transferred to Sunbury Power Plant in 1951.
This power plant was built along the Susquehanna River
across from the town of Sunbury. The plant is situated
between the borough of Shamokin Dam and the Village of Hummels Wharf.
They pay taxes to both communities.


I lived across the road from this plant for 25 years (1956-1981)
and would watch the train cars come in loaded with coal.
And see truck after truck after truck
loaded with coal go into the plant. And see people
out working in the coal yards shoveling coal or
using big equipment to move it into
the plant for the steam generated boilers.

The parking lot was full of vehicles belonging
to hundreds of employees, working three shifts.
At that time it was called the Penna Power & Light Company
but was sold and is now called PPL.
Since all the new rules and regulations,
emission monitors were put in place
on all four stacks to monitor pollution.

This once very active plant now has
a very small operating crew.
In mid 1990's so many people were given early retirement
or lost their jobs period.
It looks so deserted, almost like a ghost town.
But PPL does still take very good care
of it's customers and are right there when we
need power restored after storms or other damage done.

Back in the 1940s they built the most
powerful steam locomotives ever built.
The Allegheny 2-6-6-6 engines developed about
7,500 hp and were made to pull the heavy coal trains over
the mountains to get the coal to the power
plants and furnaces of the steel mills.

This is the story of all coal generated plants across our country.
It was the coal miners and coal powered plants,
the railroads and truckers who kept our lights
on, our homes heated/Air conditioned,
and use the many electric appliances over the years.
What about all the stores, schools, churches, sports arenas.
But now the government wants nuclear power plants
like the one built in Berwick Penna.
But are nuclear plants any safer, for the environment or us?


Click Here to read how much Coal not only
this power plant, but other existing power plants use.

Charlie Daniels, who is an American Patriot
and famous Country Western Singer,
had this to say in one of his letters about
all the things going wrong in this county.
'Quote: "How about a whole way of life that's being destroyed
in West Virginia by the president's war on coal?". 'Unquote'

All states who have coal generated power plants are hurting,
and many many jobs being lost including coal miners.


On Monday, June 2nd, 2014, President Obama circumvented Congress
once again to unilaterally attack our economy by
proposing new coal-crushing EPA regulations. Even one
of President Obama’s advisors declared outright,
“a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.”

This blatant attack on America’s energy costs,
jobs and economic growth is the President’s next
step forward in the Democrats’ calculated war on coal.
The regulations are the Administration’s attempt
in Obama’s last two years in office to control
U.S. energy policy without Congress’ check and balance or approval.

And as a result of the President’s disregard for oversight
and review, Obama’s EPA regulations will
lead to long-term and permanent job loss.

CLICK HERE: This is the History Of
Pennsylvania Power and Light dating back to the 1880's

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