Over the years, and having owned many animals, I have watched veterinarians
who have devoted their lives to taking care of animals.
I don't think much credit is given to them,
and they are taken
for granted they will do their job.
And we wouldn't expect any less.

You might wonder why I would write about veterinarians.
The answer is because they are more then just doctors.
As we all know, most doctors are very caring, and devote endless hours to
taking care of people and animals.
But a veterinarian has to go a bit further in their work.
Why, because they have to have more insight into what
is wrong with an animal that is brought to them,
or they go on house calls to see farm animals, or horses.
Some doctors have even gone to the home of a person who is unable
to take their pet to the office.

Animals can't talk, they can't tell anyone what hurts, how they
feel, if they have stomach pain or cramps,
or where the pain is, or if they have a tooth ache.
Veterinarians are educated, trained, and study for years, and learn all
of the basic things to do, like x-rays, and tests, and the medicines needed.
They do surgery and dental work.
But for a veterinarian, it goes much much deeper. They have to look into
the animal's eyes and watch it's behavior, and
make decisions that are sometimes very difficult.
I have seen tears in their eyes, and the staff's eyes, when all they
could do was help prolong a life a little while longer, or put it down.

Our boxer Lilah who was eleven years old in June, 2010, has gone
through many surgeries for cancer in her leg and tumors in her stomach.
My husband Joe and I have seen joy in our veterinarian's eyes when
our Lilah Girl, after each surgery, bounced back to her old self again. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in November 2010

Veterinarians help pets with allergies, internal problems such as worms,
skin conditions, heart conditions, diseases,
and injured animals brought in and put back together again.
They show people how to care for their older pets with senior wellness programs, and special diets.
They see far too many neglected, abused animals, and bring them back from near death.
They call groomers to clean the matted down fur, so the doctors can see all the wounds, and then care for them, till they can be adopted.

The countless hours the staff spends setting up appointments, bandaging up the
wounds, holding frightened animals, talking to them so they calm down.
Cleaning the kennels,
walking the dogs outside, taking care of clients,
contacting other clinics and doctors. They look for foster homes where
people are willing to care for an animal while it heals.

There are some veterinarians who specialize in various parts of health care,
such as animal cardiology, eye care, radiology, chemotherapy.
The veterinarians and staff who work in the animal emergency
hospitals, through out the long nights, when regular office
hours are over, and weekends they are closed.
I of course don't know the half of what any of them do.
But I think we all have seen their compassion and dedication
and they all deserve recognition for their work.

There are veterinarians who work in zoos and wild life parks,
taking care of animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds,
and even the whales or seals needs.
Veterinarians have to have patience, endurance, knowledge, and insight.
Their greatest joy is seeing a tail wag, or hear
a meow, or see wildlife play again, after they have tended to their needs.

For the love of all pets, and to all veterinarians,
we dedicate this page, and to our own two veterinarians,
and staff, a very sincere THANKYOU!

Dr. Alice Gora and Dr. Jennifer Hopkinson
Small Animal Care Hospital
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Also the veterinarians and staff
Mifflinburg. Penna. Veterinarian Office

Barbara and Joseph Carter

Written by ęBarbara L Chambers Carter

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