My name is Michael, and I live in KY. I think your writing "Vanished" is a good read, the critters are disappearing and as I read your stories and others excerpts, I'm sitting here with tears. I can't apologize for the tears, I'm a caver of sorts and a member of The National Spelelogical Society which is an organization to protect Endangered Bats, caves, water,etc.

All those stories are correct-everthing is disappearing. Back in April '09 or sometime this year, I entered this cave before the issue with the Bats.
Over the years I have been in this cave numerous times and seen at least a 1,000 bats or so. Well some friends and me entered the same cave to see how much the bats were declining or dying for that purpose, and we had the authority to do so since we are members and allowed to do such things. However the main public is not supposed to enter caves now because BATS are dying off at a rapid pace.

Unbelieveable, over 500,000 have died in the past two years, and continue to do so.
At this moment, there is no cure for this new species/disease that has evolved and killing our Bats. Bats spread it to each other, but does not affect humans.
However we can spread it by going to infected caves and letting the spores from this evolved species get on our clothes and entering another caves with same clothing and infect the BATS that way.
This new evolved species can't be seen with normal eyes, under a microscope, but you can tell if a BAT has it by their nose being white. This is called WHITE-NOSE SYNDROME which has evolved somehow by nature.
Bats pollinate as well and eat thousands of flying insects which in turn, if not for the little Bat creatures the insects would really affect us, such as mosquitoes biting us.


Let me get back to the cave. When we entered this cave again I only saw 5-6 bats and only a few months ago a few hundred compared to the thousands I have seen in the past, Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I said "what are we doing to our planet?" "Don't we care?"
I have noticed more critters disappearing such as the HONEY BEES, Fireflies, and the lists goes on and on.
This makes me so angry and I ask myself how can I help? I have no answer.


Please request persons you know to please stay out of the caves 'til someone lets them go back in. We're trying to see if humans stay out for awhile, at least a year, if the Bats will survive this fungus.
If we continue to enter the caves, we disturb the bats and they will die off.
Commerical Caves "maybe ok" but I'm not sure. I thought I would share this with you since I read "Vanishing," Thank you very much for the stories you and others have posted to your page.

Sincerely, Michael

This is an interesting site to read owned by the National Spielological Organization Michael belongs to.
It is about caves, and caring for them and preserving bat life.


Click here to read North East Region USA
Diseased and Dying Bats Needing Your Help.


When entering a cave, take nothing but pictures
Leave behind nothing but foot prints, and remember you are in someone's home, please do not disrespect it.

Click Here-Video Of Abandoned Baby Bat Rescued

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