The Passing Of An "Email" Friend

How hard it is to lose an "email" friend,
when God calls him or her home.
The immense closeness that was shared
In words, a song, pictures, or poem.

The little spats that would erupt
over religion, ideals, or politics.
We would share some of our favorite things, like flowers,
food, seasons/holidays, pets, or flicks.

We would try out each other's recipes.
Share stories and pics of friends and family.
We would tell each other personal inner thoughts,
being able to be truly honest,
that helped set us free.

The pleasant hours shared with each other,
The scary, lonely times, not so lonely.
Heart strings that played tender words,
not necessarily of love, but of true friendship only.

The (LOL) Laughing out Loud' at each other's silliness,
or reading their " groaner" jokes.
Agreeing to disagree with each other
If something was real or just a hoax.

But then -- they would be called home,
free of all hurts and pain.
But we their friends, will feel the emptiness....
"Hopefully", someday, we shall meet again.

This poem written ~ October 3rd,2005
In memory of all email friends who God calls home.
Each and every one, will be sorely missed by someone,
who shared
Internet Life with them.

((((((((((HUGS)))))))) x x x x x
Very sincerely,
Love you my Friend!

Written by ęBarbara L Carter aka bluejay12 Copyrightę 1972~2018
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