Song Title: "What Child Is This"

You have given us compassion, strength, courage, hope.
Because of you the gates of Heaven are open to all who believe.
Your birthday will always be a time of rejoicing, renewing our faith.
Never leaving our hearts, or thoughts.

Your birth, your life, your death, will never be forgotten,
nor your forgiveness, or your desire for peace on earth.
Your words will always be written somewhere.
Maybe not in "public" for " THEY "
want to remove you from view.
But you will "forever" be in our homes and places of worship.
" They " will never destroy our faith and belief in you.

We will adorn the evergreen with a star,
and sing Hallelujah, the King is born.
We will hang holly and wreaths, symbolizing life never ending.
We will share cards and gifts, with family and friends,
and gather together, in fellowship.
We will sing What Child is This,
to those who will listen.
In God we trust, in you, we believe.

We will light candles to remember you are
the light and the way.
Bells will toll in your honor and glory.
We will say "Merry Christmas" and God bless America.
As angels once herald Emmanual, "God With Us"
Today we sing through tears
O' Come Again Emmanual

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Merry Christmas Everyone ~ á

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Written by ęBarbara L Chambers Carter/Bluejay ~

Written by ęBarbara L Chambers Carter aka Bluejay12
and Joseph Carter
December 19th, 2005
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Song title: ~ What Child Is This ~

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