A girl-friend once told me how she had sinned
But then again, haven't we all.
Can you look in a mirror honestly,
Do you like what you see? Can you stand tall?

How about the juicy gossip you've told,
Or the flippant secret love affair.
How about when you cursed your child
Or gave your neighbor a hateful glare.

Some people say they have no regrets
So we assume they must take life for granted.
But what about the baby that was aborted.
Or the elderly parent who was left unwanted.

This is not regrets about the job you quit
This is about lying, cheating, stealing.
This is not about the choice of clothes you wear
It is about the drugs you are dealing.

Can you still hear the whimpers of a dog you kicked
Or the scream of a woman you beat.
Do you still smell smoke from an old barn
you burned down, or feel the fiery heat.

Do you still see the frightened eyes in the
old couple you robbed
Do you remember the limp body of a girl
you drugged as she sobbed.

Were you involved in a gang, to show how tough you were
Or painting signs of hate on buildings and walls.
Maybe you did a little shop-lifting, or cheated on exams
Or taunted a classmate in the school halls.

Slipping tips in your pocket, left on the table.
And only occasionally do you get caught.
Whether it is a big sin or a small sin
These are not the moral things you were taught.

Infidelity, greed, lust, drunkeness
The excessive desire to have something,
No matter if it belonged to someone else
To all these desires you should not cling.

Maybe you had one drink to many
Slept with someone you didn't know.
Then the next day you had that regret
Now who do you turn to, where do you go?

If you have regrets or feel remorse
If stress and depression has taken hold.
If your guilty conscience leaves you in despair
If you feel closed in, alone, discouraged, cold.

Now is the time to seek help and guidance
Now is the day to rid yourself of grief.
There are good therapists who can help
But for true forgiveness - seek God for relief.

He gave his son Jesus, who died for you
On the cross he released you of sin.
You don't need a special place to pray
Just talk to God about the turmoil you're in.

God has always and will always be there for you
Even though through the years you brushed him aside.
Fold your hands together or raise them to the heavens
Tell God your are ready, in Him you will abide.

Let your thoughts seep down into your heart
Open the locked doors, let the spirit fill you within.
Oh dear God, hear my prayer, to change my life
I turn my regrets and sorrow over to you,
please forgive my sin.

Fill me Lord, with the Holy Spirit
Release this soul of mine, from it's torment
Satan get ye behind me, you no longer control
From this day forward, I ask forgiveness and do repent.


It is in moments like these, when we are alone,
and think about our lives and how we lived them.
No matter how hard we try to erase the
things from our mind we did wrong, or put up walls
so no one can enter including God,
those things will be with us forever.
In moments like these is when
we can release those inner feelings
that torment us, and forgive
ourselves as God forgives us.
How about you? Do you want to turn your life around?

Romans: 2 Verse 4
God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance.

Written February 15th. 2008
By ęBarbara L Chambers Carter
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Song title: In Moments Like These

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