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"AAAAHHHH! SUCH IS LIFE" ~ Short Stories

Written by
ęBarbara L. Chambers Carter


During the late fall of 2006, for two weeks
in row, different bears were hanging out for
hours in our yard. Lounging or walking around.
They were of different sizes and
one had a white patch on it's chest.
Even going out on the enclosed screened in
front porch to take flash pictures did
not bother them.
They were tramping on the fall flowers, and
eating whatever they could find in the way of
sunflower seed on the ground.

After two weeks of watching them parade
around, one night I finally got upset enough, with one of them,
who would not go away when we yelled
out the window for it to scat.
It was 2 AM in the morning, and it
was time to stop this pandemonium.

So I went and got my Rohm .38
leaned out a window, pointed it towards the sky,
and shot twice.

That bear just turned around and looked
at me, as if to say "well really".
He did finally mosey down through
the wooded area below our house.
And that was the last we saw any of them till early spring of 2007.

Story #2: "Determination"

During the early morning hour 6 A M - 4/27/07
we noticed that the bears are on
the move and have struck again.
One thing for sure is a bear
was determined to get up a 10 foot
high heavy steel pole in
our side yard, and either pushed
or pulled that pole over,
and every bird feeder destroyed.

Everything was tossed all over.
HHmmmm! One thing for sure - if more
then one bear vistied during the night,
at least one of them was our big 7 footer.
Wait till Joe comes home from work
and sees this mess..

Story #3: "Checking The Food Supply"

It was the evening of April 30th, 2007,
when I went to bed early, close to 10:30 P M.
It was a little after midnight, as I had stayed up that late to see what QVC's today's special value was.
Most women and a few men
know that QVC is a shopping channel.
At 12:55 A M, May 1st., Lilah, our boxer, started barking like crazy.

We went into the living room, and watched a black bear
with white on it's chest, laying in the yard. He was there for about 15 minutes.
We don't know how long he was around,
before that, but since all our hanging bird feeders are down, there wasn't much he could get into.
The thing is, he is hanging around much
more then in years past.
This may be the bear that
marked his territory here on our property.
You can read more about this story.
The title is: "Taking Over" listed on main Bear Stories

Story #4: "Reappearance"

On the morning of Wednesday May 2nd, 2007,
I was getting ready to feed Lilah,
our white boxer dog and get
myself a bit of breakfast.
I just happened to look out the living
room window, and was shocked.

All the bird feeders had been taken
down the night before, but for two
wire cage suet feeders.
Joe had used chain for the
one suet cage, and a 3/4 inch round
bungee strap on the other suet cage.
He fastened them right to the
corner posts of the big opened house feeder,
on the top of a ten foot high steel pole.

But for the second night in a row,
the big bear visited again.
Talk about determination, this bear sure had it.
The suet cage with the 3/4 round
bungee rope was ripped off.
I mean that bear, just pulled that
bungee rope and tore it in half,
and of course got the suet out of wire holder.
Now I know what a bungee cord is made of.
The torn ends showed hundeds of thin strands
of rubber. Wow!

Upon further investigation, I found
the garbage can near a corn crib,
and all the garbage pulled out.
We even sealed all food/garbage
so there would be no odors,
in bags before putting in can with clamp down handles.

I looked around some more, and found
our recycled soda cans strewn all over.
That ole' bear had himself a good time.
At least I got good excercise, bending
down to pick up the garbage
and cans.
GGEeesssshhhhh ...

These "True" short stories, and all my bear stories are vivid memories I have
experienced over the 30 years
I have lived here, at the base of
Penns Creek Mountain in central Pennsylvania. USA.
Scary at times? You bet?
Thrilling? Absolutely ....

The pictures on some bear story pages are from sources on the internet,
and believed to be public domain.

ęBarbara L. Carter aka Bluejay12
Page designed by Bluejay & Diamondavid
Website maintained by Diamondavid

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