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Written by
Barbara L. Chambers Carter

Going back a few years ago,
we were trying all kinds
of tricks to keep the gray squirrels
away from the birdfeeders.

First we extended thick cable
between the trees, then we drilled
holes in big round lids,
and slid them on one end of the
cable and postitioned them in
towards the middle of the cable line.

Then we hung up the bird
seed feeders, placing them
between the lids.
Well this proved fruitless,
as the squirrels with their
would tip the lids and
jump onto the feeders.

We hung a long feeder right in front
of the big window, from
the roof ledge.
No way could they jump
on it, right? WRONG!
They got up on the roof and
climbed down the long hanger
and bungy cord to get their treat.

Being perplexed we asked around
for suggestions, and then checked
out bird books, pet stores, and magazines for ideas.

One such place had the perfect solution.
They sold a cayenne pepper mix,
that could be put right in with
the bird seed and would
not harm the birds or the squirrels,
it would just keep the squirrels away.

We bought it, followed instructions,
and were delighted with the results.
Until one morning when we got up,
and saw every bird feeder ripped
from the cable and the ten foot
high pole, bird feeder house.

The bears were the culprits, because
we were able to find some bear tracks.
Some bird feeders were dragged
up into the mountain.
And some were found down in the
dense woods below us.
All were destroyed.

The moral of this pepper caper story is:
we thought the pepper would keep
the squirrels away. It did....
But If you live where the bears do,
don't try this caper.
Please do NOT use cayenne pepper mix in bird feeders.
You can just imagine how teed off bears become,
with getting a mouth full
of red hot pepper.

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