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Written By ęBarbara L. Chambers Carter

July 2nd, 2007

Well now dang it all anyway, while I was on the phone with physical therapists about post-op care after my knee replacement surgery that I would have done,July 3rd., and also chatting on the phone with a friend, between the hours of 11 AM and 12 noon, one of our black bears came around.
No, we didn't see it, but when I went out to water some flowers, I saw the bear had bent the heck out of a steel shepherds hook (again) and the bird seed feeders that I put up in the morning were on the ground.

Why does this excite me?
Because so far this season the bears have only been coming around at night. This was a day time venture.
I have my camera ready but won't go outside - just on the porch - if he comes back.
And he just might do that.

While I Was In Hospital

Daily "Daytime" Visits Keep Joe Busy

July 4th. 2007
My husband Joe, hung humming bird feeders, suet and bird seed feeders, for all our feathered friends, when he came home at noon, from his part time job at local university. A little while later Lilah our boxer dog, started to bark fiercely.

Joe went to the patio door and there was a bear fixing to clean up seed he spilled on ground, but he heard Lilah and proceeded to walk across our bridge up into the mountain.
Joe said the bear took his time and just had the most mischievious look about him or her. It had tags on both ears, so we know it is being tracked by the forestry/wildlife department.
The bear wasn't seen any more this day.

July 10th. 2007
Joe worked only three and half hours this particular morning, came home, cleaned up, and changed his clothes.
He decided to hang only the humming bird feeder, on a shepherd's hook in front of the house, by the brick walk, because our hummer feeders have never been touched by a bear before.
Joe left the house at 12:30 PM to visit me in hospital.
Then he left the hospital for home when I got my evening meal. The time he arrived home was six PM.

He pulled into the driveway, and when he opened the car door he got a very strong whiff of bear. He said it smelled like dead wood.

As he went down the walk towards the house, there laying on the walk, was the glass humming bird feeder. It was not broken but the bear was smart enough to unscrew the bottom of feeder and get all the nectar out of it. It was empty. Wow!
Only one of the yellow plastic flowers was popped off.

Several weeks before, our neighbor said the bears did this to two of their hummer feeders.
How awesome.

All we can figure is that the bear heard the car coming up the dirt road and at that moment scampered off and this is why Joe could still smell him.
Joe picked up the feeder, took it to his workshop and repaired it.

July 11th. 2007.

Finally, it was my day to come home. Joe didn't hang any feeders that day. So if the bear visited we do not know.
But this drama continues.

Thursday July 12th. 2007.

Well now if this doesn't beat all --- I finally got to see this busy bear today, in daylight.
I would like you to meet Shortie. This two to three year old bear has two ear tags. The small bear Joe saw before.

He was here at 1 PM.
But with my leg surgery I couldn't move fast enough to get a camera. LIlah was barking up a storm, her shackles standing straight up on her back.

And was the bear in a hurry to go when hearing Lilah bark? Of course not. The bear bent the shepherds hook again and got all the seed out of feeder.
This is the first time I have seen him in day time this season. One thing for sure, he will be back.


Same day - 5:55 PM.

The bear came around again, but this time he came in from the open field behind our house, and lumbered into the lower yard. Yeah! I finally got some daytime pictures.
NOOOOO, I didn't go outside but was able to open the window screen and get some really good pictures.

We even talked to him and he just looked at us and posed for a picture. He was 10-12 feet from us.
He was determined to get the platform feeder down off the ten foot pole, but was just too short to reach it.
If you are wondering why we have a big plastic water jug on the pole, that is too keep the squirrels from getting in the feeders. It works too.

Shortie stayed around for about half an hour, and then headed towards the creek.

Thus ends a very busy week, of not only being very cautious, but entertained by a very busy, young bear.

Here is a bit of trivia from Joe.

[Boxers were originally bred in Tibet to hunt wild boar. Boxers have no fear. And Lilah has proved it with chasing bears and other critters].

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