At The Dawn Of Morning
Title of song: When Morning Is Breaking

When you rise to the dawn of morning
Look towards heaven to see the world through the eyes of God.
Lift up your hands as if to grasp a cloud.
Close your eyes and listen to the songs of angels
being sung among the birds. Set your heart free, and
imagine your world as you would want it to be.

Oh Jesus hear my words of praise for you.
Fill me oh Lord, let sweet music touch my heart.
I can smell the morning mist, and feel it's softness
upon my face. The whispering wind gently drifts a delicate
fragrance of flowers through the air.
The dogwood branches lift their blooms to
the warm sun now peering over God's majestic mountains.

My spirit within, wants to fly with the eagles.
Lift it up to dance among the clouds by day,
and stars by night. All day through my tears you see,
will be tears of joy, knowing you dear Lord.
Oh Jesus I love you so, I need you.
Please let me feel your touch. Teach me to pray.
Holy spirit, enter into my soul and lift me,
I know you are with me always.

Forgive me the sins that I have done, Father.
I am but a mortal, still learning how to live
this life you have given me.
And now at evening dusk, the setting sun
brings a peaceful hush to this tormented soul
and I feel your awesome touch. Thus now, I lay me down
to sleep, as the stillness of the night,
covers me with sweet solitude.

Please watch over each soul that seeks your divine love,
and as I embrace you within, may my soul find peace.
Till the dawn of morning, when all life again stirs,
and earthly angels go about their work helping others,
to find comfort from their heartaches, pain,
and heavy burdens, as a new day unfolds.

In Jesus name I pray.

Written from my heart this day
March 14, 2006
ęBarbara L Chambers Carter aka Bluejay12

ęcopyright 1972 - 2019

~ In April Of 2008 I received an Honorable Mention
Achievement award from
~ The Famous Poets Society for this Poem ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In May 2010
I received a gold certificate of Excellence and this poem
published in Great Poems Of The Western World
Song title: When Morning Is Breaking

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