My Valentine To You

I was thinking about love,
sweet embraces, tender passion.
Questioning how do we find love?
It doesn't happen with receiving flowers,
candy, or a fancy card.
We may not receive them.

Does it happen with a kiss, or a touch.
Sometimes it does.
But if not, do you wonder why.
So where or how do we find love?

The answer is really simple,
Look to thine own self.
Love, my friend, begins with you.

Your locked heart holds all your emotions.
It keeps them tucked away from view.
Till you unlock the door,
and open the windows of your heart,
love cannot and will not flow freely.
And if we can't love freely,
how can love be returned.

Let all the hurts of the past go ~
Forgive yourself, let the spirit flow
through your being, and grasp the beauty of life.
It is all around you.

Anger begats anger, through generations,
Forgiveness of self and others,
brings peace to your soul.
It is difficult to do sometimes,
for we fear we will be hurt yet again.
Don't let it discourage you.

Trust yourself, look for love in different places.
A child who wants to be held.
A lonely person who just wants a true friend.
Your own sweetheart
who needs your tender compassion.

Your family member
who thinks you don't love them.
If you find someone who has put up walls,
to protect against heartache;
give them even more of your love, with patience.
They will need you the most.

Love is endless because we can make it happen.
So let it begin with you. Experience it.
There are so many ways to give it and to receive it.

Thank you to the many friends, family,
and church family, Joe and I and Diamondavid
have come to know and love here on line
over the many years, since WebTV, and now computers.
"THANKYOU" for your friendship, your love,
your caring, your encouragement,
and your inspirational stories.
Our lives changed for the better having met all of you.

Written from the February 7th. 2006
by © Barbara L. Carter aka Bluejay12

©copyright 1972-2020
Song Title: Everything I Do

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