"Faithful Betrayal?"

There is a story about a frail old minister,
who loved his Lord. and wanted people to hear His word,
but Sunday after Sunday he preached to an empty church.

Today however though some churches have very little attendance,
there are also many churches, some old, some new,
some majestic, filled with people who believe wholly in God,
and listen to every word clergy preach.
But many are being deceived by SOME clergy who have
satan in their souls.Who stand behind God's pulpit, using God's word, while filling their own goals.

In the privacy of their own lives they lust;
some become pedophiles; some claim to be gay or lesbian. Some gain unfathomable wealth; or turn to drugs or alcohols.
Until they are caught in their lies, when someone,
somewhere, tears down their walls.

How can those of us who truly seek the Lord ever be able to trust those,
who blatantly lead us astray again and again?
How will our children ever learn, or even know,
the difference between good and evil,
to survive this complex world? When there are some evangelists,
priests, ministers, and clergy
Who are living with satan in deceitful sin.

How can any of us, ever find our faith
When satan, in sheep's clothing, is standing at the entrance door,
or behind the pulpits? Betraying those who follow them
When they themselves are sinful culprits.
Oh yes, we are all sinners, till we accept the Lord.
We learn forgiveness and love,
and forgive each other, as He forgives us.
But these sinful clergy,
forgot something along the way,
When they accepted God's
forgiveness, love, and Word.
And now these leaders of faith, who let satan
take hold of their souls,
must face their own judgement day.

They need to face their demons, the same as you and me.
They must step down and not let satan enter through the door.
Or stand behind the pulpits, and abuse His word.
When we look in a mirror we see the reflection of our
outward appearance And when we look inward,
into our own hearts, this is when we see
the reflection of our souls.

This is when we learn the truth of our existance.
This is when we face reality
and decide for ourselves,
where we want to be in life.
This is when we must repent of our own sins
We must follow our own hearts, our own inner spirit.
There are good clergy out there,
like the faithful old minister,
in the little church on the hill.
You will just have to
search harder to find them.
And pray for those clergy
who have broken away from God.

It is written and this proves it,
that we should not follow man.
For our own rightousness is questionable. Rightousness is as filthy rags. There is none rightous.
We MUST keep our eyes on Jesus Christ who was without sin.

Jesus said:
"I am the way, the truth, and the life.
NO man can come to the Father, but by me".
John 14:6

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(Desiged by bluejay12)

Written & Designed by:
Barbara L Carter
AKA @Bluejay12
Copyrights 1972~2016
Song title: Spirit Song Lord

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