It was Mother's day, and after a week of more
then enough rain and flooding in some areas, we
decided NOT to drive the two hour trip to my daughter's.

So what do we do with this day. Well being
mother's day, we decided to go shopping
and grab a bite to eat.

On our way to the mall, we noticed a duck on the street,
in front of a curb, pacing back and forth,
and quacking for all her worth.
There was traffic behind us, so we couldn't stop.
We decided if she was there when we
came back, we would check her out.

We shopped for about an hour, loaded the goodies
in the car, grabbed a bite to eat,
then started for home, taking the same route.

There on the street, was the duck, still pacing, still quacking.
We stopped and walked over to her.
She backed up on the grass, but continued quacking.

There was a big storm drain grate where she stood.  
My husband looked down through it, and saw what caused her
to be so determined to get attention.
A brood of little baby ducks,
struggling in the mucky gurgling water.
We looked for someone to stop,
to help us, but no one did.
A man who was jogging didn't stop either,
when we told him about the babies in the drain.
We struggled lifting the heavy grating,
and my husband held it up while I reached
into the muddy water, to scoop out the babies.
One by one, I stretched as far as I could, to lift them out.
I had only seen three of them,
and thought that was it.

Well, momma duck did not
leave with her brood.
She kept pacing and quacking.

Once again, I looked down into the churning water,
and sure enough there was another duckling.
After several swipes I finally
was successful in lifting it out.
I then bent down and set the frightened duckling
on the ground with the others.

Momma duck was then quite satisfied
and proceeded to travel on with her complete family,
quacking as she left, as if saying thankyou.

If there is a moral to this story, at least in our minds,
it is that this momma duck, a simple bird, would not
leave even one of her babies behind.
What a lesson she teaches us humans.
What a wonderful feeling for us, to be able to help
one of God's creatures.
And a very special Mother's day for me.

And in closing I want to wish all mothers
a very blessed "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"

Written Sept 2005 by © Barbara L Carter aka Bluejay12

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