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Written by
Barbara L. Chambers Carter

"Mind Set"

Well my friends, tonight, being Saturday, June 9th. 2007, 11:30 PM, our motion lights came on and of course I went to see what was moving around.
Laying on the ground was a small black bear,
who came to visit.
Joe had gone to bed, but I woke him and asked if he wanted to see this little guy. Of course he did.
We opened up the window and screen, and began talking to him.

He was all comfy, laying on the ground, with
the white birdfeeder next to him. Notice in picture the stretched bungee cord. It was a feeder we had forgotten to bring in the house.

I got my camera out, snapped a couple pictures from the window,
but I learned over time, that my night pictures don't come
out to well, taken from the window.
So I braved it, sneaking out the back door, heart pounding, as I looked around to see if a momma bear might be
lingering nearby, then quietly walked around the back of the house.
Oh yeah, he heard me, and I got one picture, but wouldn't you know it, the camera started buzzing. I was out of film. Darn it.

I HURRIED back into the house, and reloaded my camera. He was soooooo cute LOL!
I just had to have more pictures.

When I came in the house, he must have heard the camera rewinding, or me, because he ran off.
However, it was only a few minutes till he was back, laying on the ground with the birdfeeder in his paws. We talked to him some more, and he looked at us, but did not run.

WELL! Grabbing the camera again I sneaked out the back door,
around to the side of the house, standing about twenty
feet from him. He looked in my direction, and flash
went my camera, then one more time, but
by then he was up and running, in the opposite direction, thank goodness.

Joe, who was talking to him, while I was outside, was ready to go back to bed. He had to get up at 4 AM for work.

Now, you can believe this young bear had a mind set.
He came back two more times. He stretched out on the ground and continued
to eat the loose birdseed that layed in the thick grass.
Then when he could find no more, he picked up
the birdfeeder in his mouth, ripping the bungee cord and started to scurry off.
I yelled at him to drop it, a couple of times, and finally he did, down near the end of the property.

However after few minutes he was back, grabbed the feeder and absconded down the dirt road.

Later I saw the motion lights go on down at the neighbor's house, so I know he went down there to see what he could scrounge up.

When I checked things out the next morning, two heavy steel shepherds hooks were leaning over, so I guess he just wanted to test his strength.
Also another bungee cord ripped, but this was a smaller one, not the 3/4 inch thick one like Shamus ripped apart. And I also found the birdfeeder lying on the dirt road, near the woods between our house and the neighbors.
So ends this story till the next time. Hope you enjoyed it and all my other black bear/wildlife stories.

The following words was a special PRAYER Request sent to me in email, to enter into my prayer request page,
from my good friend Nan, who I told this story to while we were playing scrabble.

"Please enter a prayer request for a friend of mine who suffers temporary loss of good sense. She lives in Pennsylvania
I returned a note to her - "Thanks for the prayer Nan" --- LOL! TOO FUNNY!

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