If God should happen to call for me,
Even if it is unexpectedly.

Don't be sad too long, nor blue.
He will be here to see you through.

Instead of mourning much too long,
Listen for my words in a love song.

Hold our grandchildren upon your knee,
And then you will be holding me.

Walk through the woods on a warm summer day.
I'll meet you somewhere along the way.

Hear the wind whisper, t'is my voice in the breeze.
Look for me among the bluejays, if you please.

Smell the flowers, my scent will be there.
Touch the autumn leaves, some unique, some rare.

Look for me among the white-tailed deer.
Look in all the places of your heart,
You will find me near.

Stroll along the creek icy white
Feel my joy of the seasons, the day, the night.

Look for me over the rainbow after the rain.
Then please get on with your life, rid yourself of the pain.

When God calls for me, His will be done.
Just look for me in the rays of the sun.
I'm on my way to meet with Him my dear,

But for you and all whom I love.
My spirit will always, always be near.

If you have lost someone you loved, whether a spouse,
or child, a friend, or family member,
as you read this poem think of them in the same way.
Their devotion and love, their favorite
places to go, the things you enjoyed doing together.
If you do these things, though it will bring tears,
it will also bring peace of mind to know they
will always be with you.

The Painting at top of page done by
Heyden Lambson
hangs on the wall above our fireplace.

Rewritten for this website

©Barbara Louise Chambers Carter
aka Bluejay 12
Born August 17th, 1937
Song Title: I'll Fly Away

Parents: Now with God:

William Henry Thayer Chambers-111
Lucille Elizabeth Schell Chambers

To My children of whom I am so proud,
and love so very much:

Elizabeth Louise Whitermore
Donna Jean Hall
Keith Larue Moyer

And to my grandchildren ~
Broderick (BJ) Wallace
Benjamin & Zachary Whitermore

Terra Ashley and Donald Logan Hall

Darien, Cassidy, & Trey Moyer

To My Husband ~ Joseph H. Carter,
who God brought into my life in 2001.
I love you forever eternal.

To Diamondavid, who I have known since I started on Webtv in 1998
and who without his determination and deep devotion to making
this website for me, I am truly indebted.
You have encouraged me to start writing again.
Writing that releases many feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires.
Thankyou David.

And finally to all the rest of my family and Joe's family;
To all my friends here at home;
To my church family, and to all of you,
my email friends, who inspired me, with your laughter
and love, I re-write this poem from deep within my heart.

Life has many ups and downs, but it is moments like this,
that makes me see, how truly I have been blessed.
May each of you, in your own faith/beliefs find within
yourselves - "you".

Very Sincerely, with Love,
Barbara Louise Chambers Carter
aka Bluejay12

© Copyright (1972-2020)
of Bluejay & Diamondavid.com


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