~ ¸* Nation Down * ~

The day
Hurricane Katrina, hit the Gulf Coast
of the USA, will be remembered for generations.


The aerial views of her devastating fury, destroying homes, towns, and life as it was known. People wandering about aimlessly, facing an unknown future.


Missing children,
dying elderly, pets left behind, confusion, pain, loneliness, lost souls. But many said, "we will start over, we have to". The faiths of many stay strong. Sightings of the American flag, being raised on barren ground, amid rubble of what use to be houses, cars, magnolia trees.


All of the people
of this nation will feel the pain from coast to coast, north to south. Starting with gas and home heating oil shortages, and price hikes. With ships unable to move, there will be the stoppage of imports and exports.


The loss
of revenues from one business to another will ripple down to the smallest of private business owners. Volunteer fire companies, and all volunteers hard pressed to be able to buy gas.


having to be made by you and me, whether we buy medicines, or food, or gas to run our vehicles, to go to work, or take our children where ever they need to go. Yet, each day, we see the heroism, the devotion, the tears, as they all bravely bite the dust, to help those in such dire need.


There will be
more hurricanes, so hopefully Katrina has taught everyone new lessons, in survival. Yes, this nation has been humbled, in the most profound way, by a relentless hurricane. And by lawlessness and evil.


Can we say
"One Nation Under God" ?

After Katrina

Written Sept 2nd, 2005
©Barbara L. Carter

Dedicated to the victims, both living
and dead, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
God Be With You!


Celebrations helping people deal with all the
aftermath of 2005. The loss of life remembered.
The rebuilding of communities, homes, life.
But still many people can't rebuild their homes,
because the insurance rates are more then doubled
to rebuild. Many didn't want to go back.
But yet many said that is the only
place they want to live.

Another heartache was many stayed where they
were because of their pets. There was no place
to take them. So either the people survived
with their pets or died with their pets.
Many pets had to be left alone and did die.
However there is talk of making a new law
that people can take their pets to a shelter with them
or to places that originally didn't
allow pets. Hopefully there will be help for
people and their pets when disasters
happen anywhere. Hopefully Nation wide for all.

Life goes on, people move on, it is called survival.
And for those who believe - God is the way.

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