"The Table Setting"


For those who can remember their mother, grandmother,
or a favorite aunt or other relative,
and their beautiful elegant grace.
Everything properly set, to receive guests
for afternoon tea or an evening meal.
Each table setting placed with sterling
silverware, each utensil set in it's proper place.
Fine cloth napkins in sterling silver holders,
and fine crystal wine and water glasses in place.


A beautiful lead crystal pedestal bowl,
filled with lucious apples, and green grapes
draped over the top.
Set on a mirror backed mahogony buffet,
surrounded by glass plates filled with
dainty pastries and lady fingers.
Nearby a crystal wine decanter and fine crystal
glasses set on a glass top teacart.
Or a set of porcelain tea cups and teapot,
with a cream pitcher,
small silver tongs and a sugar bowl filled with sugar cubes.

Soft pure white lace curtains
adorning opened windows
gracefully fluttering with the gentle breeze.
A radiant sun beam, casting shadows of trees
dancing on the walls across the room.
or in winter time watching snow flakes drifting by.


In the center of the room, a large old-fashioned
table with a fancy lace table cloth
carefully positioned. Surrounded by six or eight
spindled chairs. Above the table a beautiful crystal chandelier.
And on the table were crystal candle sticks
with long tapered candles aglow.
Bud vases set at each end of the table
holding a delicate single rose.
Scenting the room with their sweet fragrances.


Beneath the table and chairs, lays a
beautiful oval oriental rug
While off to one corner of the room, a crystal
candlelabra set on a lace doily atop a piano,
dangling prisms shimmering in sun light.

The hostess carefully preparing each and every
dish she served to her guests.
All placed on the table in bone china or blue
willow covered dishes,
Beef roast, filled turkey, or ham glazed in orange sauce
or topped with pineapple slices, placed
on a platter,
and set in front of the man of the house to carve,
but only after grace was said.
Most families believed in God.
Proper etiquette, and table manners
were taught to the children.
One didn't have to be rich, for a woman to share
her home, with elegance, a beautiful smile, and graciousness.


Written May 2nd., 2008
by ©Barbara L Chambers Carter
As a tribute to the memory of my mother
Lucille Elizabeth Shell Chambers,
who was a severe asthmatic and passed
away in 1958 at forty eight years of age.
My mother was born into a large family with
eight brothers and sisters, in a small
coal mining town in Pennsylvania.
Their parents could not afford to care for all
the children, so my mother and one other sister were adopted.
My mother was adopted by a veterinarian,
Dr. Cyrus Schell and his wife.
He took care of the mules, that were used
in the mines in those days.
Dr. Schell was related to other rich family members.

We were not rich by any means, in fact
we were on the poor side,
but my mother shared a part of herself,
in the little things she did,
showing me that life can be beautiful.
All the fancy crystal and lace were handed
down to her from her adoptive family
and my father's family.
She had elegance and spirit, and beauty within.
She loved classical music, played the piano,
and had a beautiful voice.


I hope this page brings back some fond memories
of someone you loved who devoted her
life to family and friends.


Written by ©Barbara Louise Chambers Carter
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