"Harbinger Of Things
To Come"

Are people of the
United States being "set up"?

Things in our government are moving so fast,
people are not taking time to think what is really happening.
We are like cattle being taken to the slaughter house.
So take a little time to reflect on what is really going
on. We can see these things coming and wonder why?

Our newspapers are collapsing and going out of business.
It has been said most people get the news
over their computers and via televison.
The government in it's fairness doctrine are trying to dictate
what we hear as far as news is concerned.
Both sides of the issue - left wing and right wing,
and it is called "CONTROL".

So we WILL be told exactly what the government
wants us to know. Right now the government has information
called "Classified". This would probably set your hair straight,
if you knew what was in it..."CONTROL"

On the economy, the government and it's bureaucrats,
will dole out the money as it sees fit.
Where will this money go? Into people's checking
or credit accounts. With the use of Computerized
checking and credit cards, personal checks
will no longer be necessary. Money will no longer
be needed as all transactions will be via computers.

Now as to the money situation. Let's look
into God's word and see what it has to say.

Revelation 13: verses 16-17
And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor,
free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,
or on their forehead. And that no man may be able to buy>
or sell, save he had the mark of the Beast.

In verse 16 the word "HE" refers to the anti-christ.
In verse 17 "HE" refers to mankind. The mark of the Beast in my opinion,
could be a computer chip, matched to our cell phones and computers.

Our telephones
are almost a thing of the past.
Cell phones are going to be used. The "wave of the future" --
these same cell phones will be used to locate it's owners or users.
This means "BIG BROTHER" will know exactly
where you are at all times.

We now hear the word recession, not depression.
The government refers to the Great Depression
of the 1930's and early 1940's.
But I submit to you, are we headed for a depression
or on the edge of the "GREAT TRIBULATION?"
Now I ask again, are we being set-up for the most
cataclysmic day ever known to man?
The second coming of Christ.

Christians everywhere should be able to see this event
being spearheaded by our government, but many are blinded.
And now in the year 2013, evil continues to rule.
Politicians destroying Christian religious beliefs.
Things being taught in schools that are
destroying what this country once was - FREE.
Freedoms being taken away. the welfare
and health insurance (Affordable Health Care)taking away
what was promised. We are being lied to, misled.
Promises not kept.

What are christians to do?
What is the average person to do?

1. We must earnestly seek God's forgiveness,
that comes only through the shed blood of
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

2. Pray for compassion and wisdom.

3. Pray for our brothers and sisters who have not accepted Jesus Christ.

4. Pray for our government officials.

5. Keep our eyes on the eastern sky for our Redemption draweth near.

Song Title: "Imagine"
Then ponder this - IT COULD HAPPEN TODAY

March 2nd 2009
By ŠJoseph H. Carter

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