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"Talk About Timing And A Picky Bear"

Around 6:15 AM EST. September 20th, 2008

My husband Joe who usually gets up early, leashed our Boxer dog Lilah, and took her out for her morning walk.
Ordinarily she runs free, but having had surgery on her front leg several days ago,
she needed to be leashed when outside. Joe told me he came back in about 6:25 AM, and both of them went back to bed.

I was in bed yet, but slowly getting awake when I saw the motion light shining in the window, beaming off the bedroom wall. The time just going on 6:45 AM.
I grabbed my bathrobe and slippers, sneaked out to the kitchen, to see why the motion lights came on
and there in the yard as big as life, was a blackbear. Talk about timing, with Joe and Lilah having just been outside, and the bear showing up, UNLESS he had been there the whole time.
All we can assume is he was watching the action.

I called Joe to come see it and this is also when I noticed how busy the bear had already been.
I looked out the living room window and yep, our ten foot high heavy steel pole was pushed over several inches.
On the ground laid two of our long hanging feeders, with the lids off, laying right beside them. We are sure glad he
didn't take them into the woods and was kind enough to leave the lids. Then I noticed something else amiss.

Yesterday Joe had left to go help my daughter scrape wallpaper off the walls in the house she just bought.
I stayed home to watch Lilah, so she wouldn't chew on the bandage on her leg.

I busied myself cleaning the front and back porches. I had two white buckets on the back porch, one filled with cracked corn and sunflower seed. The other one with nyger seed.
I set both of these buckets outside, below the steps, with the intention of putting them in the shed. However I forgot about them, and the bear found them.

Now this part is funny, why?
Because he had lifted the lid off the bucket filled with cracked corn, laid the lid on the cement and took the bucket down into the yard and ate the contents. I guess he wanted something softer to set on then cement.
He DID NOT bother the full can of nyger seed. Talk about a snoopy eater. Geessshh!

The final funny part of this whole scenario was how he moseyed up to the false bottom well and climbed in it. We laughed at that maneuver.
When he was done checking out the well, he climbed out and headed for one more check on a shepherds' hook to see if a feeder was on it. Seeing as there wasn't, would you believe he still gave the rod a shove and bent it. Now Joe has another rod to unbend. But this is the only destruction this bear did.

OOOPPPPsssss, Not so fast - 7PM we went out to take all the feeders down,
then Joe took the bent shepherd's hook to his shop to fix it.
This is when he found one of the suet holders, that was hanging on a huge oak tree, now laying on the ground near the garage.
The one side of the feeder was taken off, the suet gone, but all of the holder was there to put back together again.
Hmmmm, always something going on with these critters. Always something to fix, hunt for, or throw away if destroyed.

Each of my bear stories that happens right here in our yard, all have a twist or turn in them. There is very little repetition other then the stories are about black bears who visit.

ęBarbara L. Carter aka Bluejay12
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