September 11th. 2008
3 PM

It was a quiet warm afternoon. I was busy making dessert for supper when our boxer
Lilah started in with her fierce barking. I knew immediately something outside had really gotten her attention.
I didn't have to go far into the dining room to see there was a black bear pawing at the red birdseed feeder hanging on a shepherd's hook.

I called Lilah away from the window and led her into the living room and closed the sliding door. I grabbed my camera and took several pictures but usually there is always a back flash off the windows.
H'mm! A dilemma if I must say so my self. "OK" I said to myself,
you have been out there before with a couple of bears, and this bear did not run when he heard Lilah.

Yes, you guessed it. I opened the door, and the bear still did not run. I quietly stepped away from the door, and snapped several pictures.
Then I began talking to him. He just looked, sat down on the ground, not moving an inch further.
I kept talking, not raising my voice. He cocked his head to listen, looked at me, and nonchalantly stuck his snout right back into the feeder for more sunflower seed.

Somehow I just knew by the mannerisms and behavior of this bear, that this was our baby bear that was here last fall. Much bigger of course.
He kept looking at me as I talked to him, not a bit afraid and oddly enough neither was I.

This is Rascal's picture from last year. When I talked to him, he just sat right down for a pose. : -)

He again reached into the feeder, but I was afraid he would bend the steel rod and abscond with the feeder, hauling it off into the mountain.
I talked to him and told him to skedaddle, go on, and again he tilted his head to listen. I didn't yell at him, but with firm voice said "get going now",
and he slowly bounded between the trees, turning around to watch me. I repeated "git going"
and he roamed about fifty yards and continued to watch, looking as if I had hurt his feelings.

Slowly I walked over to the feeders and took them down, all the while Rascal standing in place watching.
Oh yeah! My heart was a bit rapid, pounding that I could feel it, but as we watched each other, I saw the gentle bear he is.
Now this really made me feel so bad for him. It really did. He wanted to eat, and I would think he figured the feeders were up for him.
But we have lost so many feeders and suet holders over the years, and it gets a wee bit expensive replacing them. And I saved my hubby Joe having to unbend the bend in the steel rod.

It will soon be fall and colder weather and the bears will be looking for anything to eat.
They need to have plenty of body fat to sustain them through their cold winter sleep.
My how he has grown.

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