This story doesn't exactly relate to our home on the mountain but to our neighbor who lives approximately 60 yards from us. There is a small woods in between our properties that cuts off seeing each other's homes.

Last evening being Tuesday April 15th, 2008, my hubby Joe walked down to the Snooks' house to give them our donation towards the fixing of holes etc., on the dirt road along the creek that we all use. This is a public/private road, therefore the state will not take care of it and all property owners donate towards the upkeep of the dirt road.

While Joe was visiting, he learned that the big bear who has been roaming around here the past several weeks, paid a visit several times to the neighbor's house.
I had seen their motion lights on two different nights, but didn't see any movement, and our motion lights were not on, so didn't think much of it. The neighbor man whose name happens to be Joe,
went on to tell my Joe that the bear found their upright freezer, that was in a closed up wood shed.
Bears have a very keen sense of smell, and this bear apparently could smell the food in the freezer, and the paw prints tell the rest of the story. The bear's muddy paw prints were all over the door and the top of freezer,
and the bear got the door open and removed all the meat and vegetables that were in it. YIKES!

We don't know how many trips it made, but it dragged all
the meat and veggies out into the woods between our houses.
The bad thing about all this, that has to do with us is, our boxer Lilah, and also a Bassett hound another neighbor owns,
have been scouring the woods and bringing home meat they find, that the bear didn't eat.
Today I saw Lilah with a piece of meat and immediately took it from her.

We know full well that this bear or even others
will be back at night till the meat is all gone.
We couldn't find any plastic wrap or
freezer paper so the bear might have dragged some of it off
into the mountain. One thing for sure, at least one of the bears bellies should have been full that night.

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