Remember that big spat you had with sis?
Is there something gone amiss?
Was there anger between brothers?
Has love been lost between fathers and mothers?

Will there be time to say "I love you"?

We know we are not promised tomorrow
Will you have regrets, unsaid words, or sorrow?
The future we will never understand.
So now is the time to lend a helping hand.

Will there be time to say "forgive me"?

Did you have a moment for your neighbors?
Or to help the man who tirelessly labors.
With a smile bid someone the time of day.
Or teach a wayward child to pray?

Will there be enough time to help someone in need?

When the going gets really rough
Some folks decide life is to tough,
and they will end that life
Because they just can't face more strife.

Will you have time to hold them?

Did you let hateful words spew?
Did you slap the face of someone you knew?
Did TV, computers or cell phones take over your life?
And there's no time,
to spend with your children or wife.

Will there be time to change your ways?

It will be too late to say "I love you",
even though you THINK they knew.
It will be to late to go
for that walk in morning dew
Time is gone - you mourn them, as in their casket they lay.
It is too late to kneel with them and pray.

Now there is no time to even say good-bye.

DO NOT wait until tomorrow,
do not let your mind go astray.
Grasp their hand, forgive, kneel together ~ pray ~
Reach out this very moment
for someone's soul or heart to mend.
Age doesn't matter when life comes to an end.

Don't let any more time slip away.

In today's very mixed-up complex world,
life can become difficult or complacent. For some it
is easier to throw it away, to end it.
For others death is sudden, as in an accident,
or a massive heart attack, or a sudden illness that
takes a child. Each hour, each day that passes, someone
you know could suddenly be called home.
Most of us are in such a big hurry to go no where,
or get too busy with our own lives, that we can not fathom
taking time to reach out to someone we know or love.
Will time stand still? Can we do it tomorrow?
You already know the answer.
So do something positive now.

Write that letter; send that email;
use your cell phone to remind someone
you care; take the elderly person's dog
for a walk; pick a wildflower and see
it's beauty. Say a prayer, ask God to guide you,
and He will. Ponder this - maybe it
will be "your" time to meet your maker.
Will you have time to right the wrongs?
For those who believe in God,
Will you have time to repent? Will there be enough
time to say good-bye, to those who will be left behind?

Written on Palm Sunday, March 16th., 2008
ęCopyrights 1972-2019
Author ~ Barbara L Chambers Carter
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Song title:"Hands Of Time"

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