Penns Creek Mountain Pa.

Along with the hundreds
of birds that come
here year around, we have quite a few gray squirrels and
one red squirrel, who fends for himself quite well.
One of our gray squirrels is a real character
we named David Ross, who gets himself in
trouble by jumping off our house roof,
in mid-air and landing on birdseed feeders.
And yes we have holes in the screens on our
back porch windows, just like in the above picture.

Now on with the story.

"They Take Care Of Each Other"

February 2nd., 2009

It was a warm 34 degree morning, here in central Pennsylvania.
And we were being entertained by some of the
wildlife critters taking care of each other,
in their own unique way.

There was a gray squirrel sticking his tiny paws
into a suet holder that we have hanging
on a huge oak tree.
He was getting the suet, which is filled with
either fruits, nuts or sunflower seeds. The loose
snippets would fall on
icy snow covered ground.

At the base of the tree were two big black
crows, snacking on the dropped suet.
The busy squirrel scurries down and joins the crows,
gorging himself in leftovers. It is
awesome to see they do not mind being around
each other at all. Hurriedly the squirrel charges
back to the suet feeder, to get more.
All the while the crows continue to peck
the ground for any morsels they can find.

Meanwhile there were two other squirrels fighting over
an ear of field corn. As the one was trying to drag it
up a tree, the second one was right on his tail.
But the ear of corn was too bulky,
and he couldn't pull it up the trunk of the tree.

He dropped it as they chased each other round
and round, up and down the tall oak,
while a third squirrel takes off with
the ear of corn LOL! Any loose snippets of corn,
or ears of corn, laying around,
after they are done for the day,
the wild turkeys and deer will clean up
during the evening and night time.

So till next time and a new story,
Joe and I wish you well.
And take a moment to look for God's art
work and the beauty around you.
In the tiny crystal snow flake, or a ray of sunshine.
In raindrops dancing in a puddle.
Snow cast on pine tree branches.
Or watch the awesome wonders of wildlife and the way
they survive, be it birds,
butterflies, animals, or sea life.

Today February 2nd., is also Groundhog Day,
and our own Punxatawny Phil saw his
shadow. So there will be another six
weeks of winter. OOppps!

Written by Barbara L Carter aka Bluejay12
copyrights 1972-2018
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Song title: "Last Spring Snow"

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