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We are bound to each other as well as with the animal kingdom. And sometimes we need to help them and give them a second chance. The people who wrote these stories of their own personal interactions with wildlife, birds, or domestic animals in danger, demonstrates the kindness towards a living creature. It is not the size of a person but the heart that makes this a better world.
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One time I got a chance to help a bird. It was one of the lil' hummers. Now you talk about tiny in your hand. Poor lil' took awhile...
I kept putting it's little beak in a cap full of it's food and rub it's head. It had hit a truck antenna and poked it right in one eye and knocked it out.
But thank God, the hummer came back and you know, the lil' thing must have known that I saved it, because it would come right up to me. Eye to Eye. I knew it was her because it had poked out eye. She stayed with me all year.

Cheryl ~ California


I have doctored many little birdie..babies who fall from their nest at times. I kept one, one time and fed it worms, cottage cheese and egg yolks. We named him Zacchaeus from the bible story of Zacceaus being a wee little man and climbed a sycamore tree to see Jesus. My young 4 year old son would sing to the little bird about Zaccheaus and the sycamore tree. I thought I was going to have to find a sycamore to set Zac on LOL. When the boys and I went to release him in the trees in the park, we were worried and said a prayer for him in his new world and if he wasn't too fat to fly. But he wasn't.

Sandi ~ New Mexico


I had an event way out in the woods in Tennessee, in the dead of winter. A grown woodpecker was just glued to the kitchen screen. My stove was right by that window, so I turned it on and opened the window. It thawed out after awhile and flew away. I guess the poor thing was just about frozen for it gets really cold up on top of the Cumberland Plateau.

Lottie ~ FLorida


I had an experience with a bat, I was taking a cover off an air conditioner to ready it for summer, and a sleeping bat flipped off and landed on my bibby overalls. I didn't want it to die, but I didn't know what to do with it, being it was daylight and they sleep during the day. I also knew I couldn't just set it on the ground, because then it would have no way of lifting off to fly. So I "carefully" took hold of the bat as he showed his teeth, and carried it down into a woodsy area, and set it on some branches. Later in the evening I looked for it and it was gone.

Joe ~ Pennsylvania


I have a best friend who rescues wild animals that have been hurt, nurses them and turns them loose. She retired from a large pharmaceutical company....she was a chemist. Sharon and her hubby Ron Butler, decided to rescue wildlife. They love animals. I have lunch once a month with them, and they always have interesting stories to tell. Sometimes they will come to lunch separate, because someone is nursing an animal that needs fed or kept an eye on. They even made the front page of our newspaper. They have had eagles, deer and bunnies. All kinds of animals. People call them from everywhere and ask if they will take an animal that has been found and injured, and they always seem to have room for one more critter lol. Ron just turned two coyotes loose they raised from pups, that were abandoned. He said, that was the hardest of all the animals they had had to set free.

Laura ~ Michigan

Twelve years ago, my husband and I saw a creature in the middle of our yard in the snow. It was a dog that was so matted, the hair was pulling away from the skin. She wouldn't come to us or anyone who tried. It took days for my husband to lure "it" to the house using bowls of food as bait. Finally, after 5 days, we were able to get her in the back yard. Some of her teeth were broken, her fur was in bloody clumps, and her feet were bleeding from being frozen to the ground. It took us ages to clean her and get her back to normal. She is now 15 yrs old but is the best dog we have ever had.

Susan Brinegar


Our family homeplace is in the middle of Davy Crockett National Forests. Our land borders a protected forest (no hunting), so we have an abundance of critters. I used to walk all through the woods, and one day came upon a baby wolf, whose mother lay dead close by. Now I wasn't sure if it had family nearby so I picked it up and left quickly....LoL! The baby wolf was a male and near death, but I fed and nurtured him. He was growing by leaps and bounds. Eventually I gave him to my brother, who had a German Shephard named (Rachael). The wolf was named Lobo (of course). When they had puppies I became the proud owner of one of those precious animals. He was such a hassle that I named him Hassle. ;) Hassle was one of the best and most loved dogs I ever owned. Though a hassle, he was the an enduring one. Needless to say Hassle has since crossed the rainbow bridge, but in my heart of hearts, I believe I will see him somehow again.

Lacey ~ Texas


Footnote: Even though dogs and cats are domestic animals, if they are abandoned, and are not rescued, they become wild.
Animals in wild can be poisoned or killed being strays.

Bluejay12 ~ Pa.


Last summer 2008, a Michigan bat flew into my house's window opening. I saw it flying around in the living room while I was watching news on TV. I grabbed a fishing net to catch the bat quickly. I put leather gloves on and looked closely at it, and it looked like mouse bat.  I let the bat go free outside, and he flew up in the air into the night.  I wish I could have it as a new pet, but it might bite me.  I could not keep it in my house. A Michigan bat must be free!

Gerald Rowe ~ Michigan


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