He Touched My Soul

Jesus came to visit me a little while ago
Oh how my heart was filled with song.
My eyes filled with gentle warm tears.
And my soul, well, it was filled with Jesus's love.
Oh, how much I do love Him

He just shined through all my heartaches and pain.
That they just seemed so small and insignificant.
His presence was so over-whelming, that I
could hardly breathe.

I looked out my window, and God was everywhere.
In the cloudy, gray, pink sky of winter.
As snowflakes gently floated down to kiss the earth.
How easily my hands lifted up to praise Him
And sing in my off-key voice, Hallelujah!

All I want to do now is write to you, all
that is in my heart and soul

Touched by the grace of God, and
to tell you how much God loves you.
And do it with love and understanding,
So that each person who reads these words
Might someday, be touched, and feel a presence,
Like you have never felt before.

A presence that goes so deep, right into
the very soul of your being.
A presence that cracks open the shell that
surrounds your spirit.
A presence that seeps in, to remove all doubt of His existance.
A presence that can carry you through each day.

A warm glow that will surround you, and
make you feel cleansed
And cast aside the bondage that satan holds over you.
To feel a deep unconditional love, that begs you to fold
your hands, and bow your head in prayer.
To release the grip, that holds you to things that no longer matter.

When He knocks at the door of your heart,
Do not be afraid, let Him enter.
Reach out to Him, let your spirit touch His.
Listen to His words, "I am with you always and forever".
"Come unto me, and I will give you rest".
All you will need to do, is ask for forgiveness
and return His love.
Your life can be changed forever.
Praise the Lord. Amen!

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Written Jan 24th. 2007
ęBarbara L. Chambers Carter
Copyrights 1972~2019
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