We know Satan, that you work the neighborhoods
We know you are lurking in our churches.
You hang on every street corner
Even in schools your evil lurches.

You influence people to do harm
You induce heartache, despair, and pain.
Lust, betrayal, greed, materialism.
All pursued in your twisted game.

Your sinister schemes break down marriages
WIth alcohol and drugs, you lure our children away.
You fill computers, games, and television
With filthy tongue, sex, and pornography.

You lead some to rob or kill
Others learn to lie and cheat.
You invade the heart and mind
To bring people down in defeat.

But I tell you right now Satan
Not all souls will you win.
We will fight you in this fiery world
And God's son Jesus saved us from sin.

You may prey on innocence, and lost souls
And the signs of these times are perilous.
Plagued with terrorism, wars, famine, and disease.
But to all those who accept His Son,
God's unending love is victorious.

World leaders you have invaded
To do us endless harm
But we the people will stand together
And sound a world wide alarm.

So you see Satan, this is how it goes ---
You tempt us all you want, but the choices are ours:
One is to be soul-mates with you
The other is to be soul-mates with God.
One is to be deceived by you
The other is to be Holy Spirit filled.

One will lead to damnation
The other to a haven of rest.
In the end Satan, you will lose
We will have passed every test.

Who do YOU want to be your SOUL_Mate?

Written and designed by:
ęBarbara L Chambers Carter aka Bluejay12
and Joseph H Carter ~ Sunday August 20th.,2006 ~
Copyrights 1972-2017
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Song Title:
The Battle Belongs To The Lord

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