~MUFFIN~1983-1998 ~


This story is about my cute little curly,
beige colored peekapoo named Muffin.

She was a very expressive
little dog with an attitude.
For instance, when her water dish
would be empty and if I didn't see it right away,
she would flip the dish.
And she could stare down any human,
with "THAT LOOK".
The kind we humans use on each other.

She loved walking down
to the creek on a hot summer's day,
and lay in the water to cool off.
Or walking in the winter snow,
only to have to take her in the house,
to melt the clusters of snow from her legs.

She loved to travel with us and her buddy
Sandy, a yellow Labrador.
Hollyberry and St. Nickolaus,
(if you assumed these were
Christmas presents, you assumed right, LOL!)
who were little Lhasa Apso
brother and sister.

And then there was Anniebelle,
an abandoned Shih Tzu, who came to live with us.
Muffin and the gang had been as far
south as Kentucky & Florida, and as far west as Wisconsin.

On one of my trips,
after talking to Muffin's veterinarian,
to get the okay to travel,
gave birth, in the van, before due time,
to five very precious puppies, and under the guardianship
of Sandy the Lab.

Muffin was a very determined dog,
but also very very loving.
About nine years before
she went over the Rainbow Bridge,
I had planted a magnolia tree.
That fall the deer came by
and took a liking to the tips
of the branches, eating them all.

The tree struggled for years,
but only a few flowers would bloom
in the spring.
Muffin was one month shy of 15 years,
when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge,
with the help of her veterinarian,
in March of 1998.

We brought her home,
and wrapped her in her blanket,
and laid her to rest beneath
the magnolia tree, with a wooden cross
to mark her grave.

The following month, in April,
she would have been 'fifteen' years old.
To this day, I still look at the awesome pictures I took
of that beautiful magnolia tree,
which beared ""fifteen"" beautiful magnolias.

Coincidence? I think not.
Muffin sent me a very clear,
divine message.

That all is well over the Rainbow Bridge
and she waits for me.

This is our Magnolia tree - APRIL 2013
Blossoms are pink and white and they close
each night when it starts to get dark

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Heaven's Doggy Door

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