Just as the hummingbird dips into a fragrant flower,
To sip nature's sweet nectar, nourishing it's tiny body.

So must I dip into life's potpourri,
to partake of it's sorrows and joys
To nourish my heart,
my mind, my soul.

Just as the warmth of tenderness touches the heart,
To learn about friendships and love.

So must I be willing to return it full circle,
To find happness and completeness within.

Just as the rose unfolds it's delicate petals
To the hot sun, driving rains, and winter snow.
In it's struggle to thrive it's picturesque beauty.

So must I anchor myself
against the hard realities of time,
To flourish immortal, my inner beauty
and live in peace
Till God calls me home.

Written on August 16th,1986:
by Barbara L. Chambers Carter,
for my Mother,

My mother was born on this date August16th
in the year 1910 and went with Jesus in 1958.
I dedicate this poem to her, in memory
of her inner beauty, immortal to me, I love you.

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