I step into this "glass" cyber
world with you,
it is like stepping into a solitary place with God.

Where knowing
what is said here, stays here. As when
I speak to God, I know it stays with Him.

We touch each other's hearts, feel each other's pain.
Relive past memories, tell stories, and listen
to each other's wishes to make each other feel loved and happy.

There is no time lost when we unfold our inner
most thoughts, our dreams, our desires.
Just as there is no time lost, when we speak to God.
Though we can not see His face,
we feel His presence, giving us strength
and courage, and we love Him.

And though
I can not see your face,
I feel your presence,
and I love you in
true friendship.

May your life be as enriched
by the love shared here, as mine has been.
May God bless you and keep you safe.
These are my prayers for You!

Written by ©Barbara Louise Chambers Carter

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All rights reserved.
This content was written
by ©Barbara L. Chambers Carter.

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