If I could choose to be something different,
A sponge comes to mind.
Because I could soak up love
To make a cold heart kind.

I could absorb faith, to help someone see life through,
Oh, there are a mulitude of deeds, that surely I could do.

I could drink up the rain, to quench a traveler's thirst.
Or absorb all that rain to reveal a dazzling sunburst.
I could partake of all that sunshine, to radiate hope for a dying soul.
Cleanse an open wound, so that it can be made whole.

A soft pillow I could be, for a wearied head.
Or maybe a soft sponge pad, for a pet's bed.
I could wash away someone's troubles,
Or draw a bath of a zillion bubbles.
Maybe I could catch a child's falling tear,
Or wash a mansion's windows clear.

So if there was something else, that I could choose for me.
A sponge could absorb the thought, of what I would like to be.
Soak up your dreams ~ dream on.
Tomorrow is the future and beyond.

Written in 1986
©Barbara L Chambers Carter
Song Title: Beyond

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