- Time


It Is Now
Alpha ~ Birth
Omega ~ Eternity
From birth to eternity.

And beyond our time, future generations will come.
Does time possess us, or do we possess time?
Till death do us part.

So then, time must be ours?
Each precious minute used wisely,
not wasted, whether we work,
or play, rest or pray.

However, when we waste time,
it is gone forever.
We can never use it again.
It is gone like a bolt of lightning.
So does time possess us?

Time is ours while it ticks away.
Look back, did you use your time well?
Now look ahead, how much time do you have left?
We are not promised tomorrow.

Is there enough time for you to
fulfill your dreams, to accomplish your goals,
to see the beauty that surrounds you,
even through all the heartaches, and broken promises.
There is much concern all the natural disasters
that are happening in this world.

So prepare yourself. Ready your heart,
mind and soul, for each minute,
each day, each year, fades into the past.

Precious moments to do God's will,
or go it alone. Just remember, we are drifting
through time like sand in an hourglass.
It holds only so much sand/time.

When will our time end?
Only "time" will tell.
There is an expiration date

So please, use it well. The minutes are ticking by.
Every living thing has a season,
even the butterfly.

Written 1985
received Honorable Mention by World of Poetry

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©Barbara L. Chambers Carter.

Song Title: Time

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