Sit by your window on a snowy winter night
Watch for shadows moving, in a
lustrous, brillant moonlight.
Be amused by the shadowed silhouettes
Scrounging for morsels of berries and nuts.

You can see deer walking
slowly along the woods edge
Looking for acorns, caught in a stone's wedge.
And while they paw the crusty snow aside
They listen for sounds that
mean they must hide.

Every once in a while you
may be lucky to see
The shadow of an owl in a tree.
It's awesome to watch on
a snow covered night.
The silhouette wings of an owl in flight.

Another silhouette, ah, t'is the hare.
Quickly he hops from here to there.
Hurrying across the diamond glittered ground
He stops to nibble on a
sunflower seed he found.

Beautiful woodpeckers from small hairy downs
To large fascinating pileateds in flight.
Watch all God's handywork.
From early dawn to dusk of night.
Winter juncos looking for seed in the snow
Doves, finches, cardinals, bluejays,
What a beautiful show.

An oppossum smells suet hanging on a tree.
He slowly climbs to get his fill,
Then waddles away cautiously.
On an old wooden table sits a blackbear,
eating bread left for the birds.
Winter silhouettes, awesome beauty
The purest feeling of the soul beyond words.

Written by:
©Barbara Chambers Carter aka Bluejay12
March 1986

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All rights reserved.
This content was written
by ©Barbara L. Chambers Carter.

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