~ " There Is Beauty In This World " ~

The beauty
of this world, with all it's pain
and tears and heartache,
Can only be found within
the heart and soul of your own life.

This is a sad world
filled with bitterness, anger,
hatred and wars.
So you must look within yourself,
to find beauty and solace, to face each day.

But if you find only anger and hate within,
then you must look for
the beauty outside of yourself.

Listen to the harmony of birds
See the courage of wildlife
Breathe deep the fragrances
of beautiful flowers
Find the magic in an artist's painting
Step into a gently flowing stream.

Lend your shoulder
to a lonely person to cry on
Ponder on the thoughts
of a soldier with bowed head
Roam the majestic forests and climb the mountains
that touches God's heavens.

Listen to music that fills
your soul with peace. Seize moments to
read of love, faith in God, and grow
into the person you want to be.
Fill your mind with solace.
Only YOU can give yourself "peace".

Smile a little smile,
be a haven for others,
that they may see a glimpse of heaven.
Be the inspiration that helps others
find the beauty that is in this world.

Written January 11th. 2006
By ęBarbara L Carter aka Bluejay12

copyright 1972-2020

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