~ Artist ~ Roger Williamson ~

~ ~"Kindred"Spirits ~
~ The West Virginia Miners ~

In this amazing cyberspace world
and in the outside world,
how closely kindred we become.
When tragedies like the
West Virginia disaster happens,
and we see the miners
who won't be going home.

Those who live this dangerous life,
have many stories to tell.

Tales of cave-ins, explosions,
broken bodies,
working in a dirty, living hell.

Those courageous men who walk into the dark,
Knowing one day it could be their last.

It reminds us of grandfathers, dads, brothers, uncles,
and friends. whose lives were lost in the past.

We take so much for granted, those of us who heat our
homes with coal.
Nor do we ever think when we flip a switch,
take a hot bath, or cook a meal
Just how much coal provides our daily comforts.
The amount of coal that is used
for coal generated power plants.

The notes to loved ones,
found in their pockets.
Family pictures held
tightly in their grasp.

Blood, sweat, shivering cold, tears.
The men who live to tell their story.
We should honor each
and every one of them

For daily they carry their cross of glory.

Written January 9th 2006.
By Barbara L Carter
for all miners.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My husband Joe's grandfather and great grandfather
worked the coal mines in
Indiana county, Penna.
His grandfather was 11 years old when he started.
He hauled water for the mules.
Yes, they used mules.

One time he was trapped in water up to his chest
for 3 days. Another time a beam gave way,
fell on him, and broke his back.
But each time he went back and worked the mines
for 51 years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My grandfather was a veterinarian, who took care of mules
used in the mines in Jeddo, Penna.
Times have changed but the danger
is still ever present.

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