~ ~~Endangered~~ ~

Standing at the top of a mountain ridge,
I gazed across the vast blue sky and long chain of mountains.
I wondered about this magnificent earth,
the complexities of life, mother nature, and man's willingness
to take care of it or trash it.

Off in the distance
I see jet/airplane trails H'mm!
I wonder how much they are
polluting the air we breathe?
Does it make you wonder?

Does it make you wonder
as you watch a crop duster,
spraying chemicals over fields of corn,
fruit orchards, the vast fields
of wild flowers, our streams
and rivers?

The beautiful Penns Creek
below us is so crystal clear, clean.
But is it?
When there are people who throw their
trash along highways and by-ways, that then seeps down onto the shores.
The landfills full of "Stuff" that could be recycled.

Think about all the waste that is thrown into the oceans, rivers, seas, lakes.
The effect it has on all living things beneath white caps, that we can't see.
Already junk is being left to float in space.
How long before it affects the spacial universe?

Fishermen who leave their tangled lines and fish hooks behind, that endangers an animal or birds' demise, when it becomes entangled in it.
The hunters who kill for sheer pleasure of killing to hang a trophy on their walls.

We all wonder about man made wars, nuclear bombs, gangs, drugs, hate, violence, lust, greed.
We question politicians who have allowed outsourcing of our jobs.
Taking God out of the constitution, and prayer out of schools.
And their greed by taking automatic pay raises, incentives, luxuries,
while people struggle on measly social security or the unemployment money runs out.

Oh yes,
I wonder as I look across the vast blue sky and mountain chain.
Are we and all living things endangered?

This article came out August 2013

Written by ©Barbara L Carter aka
July 29th. 2005

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