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Did you ever have one of those days
Where you just want to say


You seem to go through a spaced out phase,
And you get so frazzled you could spit.

Your teens don't understand why -------
They are being picked on, and must be in by ten.
In the background, your six year-old
strikes up the band.
Tapping on the table with a leaky pen.

The hardware store calls concerning a dead battery.
Saying, sorry, we are out of stock.
Again the phone rings, please bake a sheet cake for the P.T.A.
The mail arrives; Please send your donation to save a pet rock.
Junk mail, bills, and one re'sponde sil vous plait.

You try on your favorite red satin gown
For a reunion gathering next week.
Over your brow appears a frown,
When you realize you aren't so sleek.

Now the kids are home from school -----
MOM, we need to be to soccer practice by five.
You try your best to be cool,
As you tell them the family car has died.

Then hubby walks in full of life
Barely pecking you on the cheek. (Geeeeesshh!)
How soon is supper my love,
(at least he said my love)
While lifting the lid to take a peek.

There must be an end to this frenzied rage.
Some sort of sanity to reap.

(CALGON, take me away)

Get a good book, reset the stage,
Snuggle into bed and dream yourself to sleep.

(Good night)

Yep! Dads have days like this too!

Written at some frenzied point in 1977, while raising my 3 kids:

Written by ęBarbara L Carter aka Bluejay12
COPYRIGHTS 1972-2019

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