~ BECAUSE OF YOU ~ In My Lifetime

Because of you my friend

I have become a little less stubborn

A little less down on myself

A little more loving

A little more forgiving.

Because of you my friend

And how you care about others feelings

Each day has new meaning

There is less heartache, less grieving

Less mistrust, more believing.

Because of you my friend

I learned patience and fortitude

I found peace, serenity

ááI take time to smell fragrant flowers

And look for rainbows after warm summer showers.

Because of you my friend

I can give a helping hand

To someone else seeking friendship

For the lesson I learned from you

Is how to be a friend to.

Written Feb 1986 but rewritten for my
email friends as well as friends at home
Designed by ęBarbara L. Carter aka Bluejay12
and Diamondavid ~ June 2006
Copyrights 1972 - 2020
Song Title: "In My Life"

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