Have you ever been told
you are a very complicated person?
But somehow you feel you are just a simple,
easy going human being with a zest for life.
That life for you, is living one day at a time,
to enjoy each moment of freedom to be yourself.
Do you ponder that thought?

Do you ever wonder about
who or what you are?
Same difference I suppose, or is it?
So many mixed emotions entangled
within, and you just don't know
where to start, to sort it all out.
Sometimes it seems all your
knowledge will fit into a thimble,
and you wonder how you can grow in wisdom.

Complexes are a component of
every individual's mental life ..................................
The infinite highs; the depressed lows.
The lofty peaks; the dreary valleys.
Hidden secrets that want to be let loose.
Hurt and anger that makes you feel disconnected?

There are days you seek respite,
looking for a time of relief and rest.
Every person seeks wisdom, self-esteem, and respect.
The woman also seeks equality and fullfillment,
The man seeks mental and physical strength.
Some yearn to love and to be loved.
Some seek release to be set free from careless sins.

Being complex gives a sense of intense power
to dominate a particular situation,
and in the next instant, you are just wanting to fly away,
or become lost in a fantasy.
Sometimes you feel a calmness, as you imagine an ocean
wave lapping at your feet.
Or feel the wind in your face, blowing away the past,
so you can live in the present,
and plan for the future.

A word penetrates your mind
the word is "Reality".
TIme to move forward.
If you are a believer,
you know Jesus loves you
and forgives, all you need to do is ask.
Whether you believe in
other forms of faith,or do not, your mind keeps you
embroiled in complexities.
How do you find out who you
are or what you want.
The best answer is to look within.

Every person is complex.
Some choose to live a day to day simple life,
as uncomplicated as they possibly can.
Others need constant complications, to survive, to feel alive.
It matters not how young or
old we are when we pass on.
What does matter is how we feel
about ourselves and how we've lived.

Live your life FOR YOU - not for others.
But give all you can, to help others find themselves,
in this very complicated complex world.

Written by ©Barbara Louise Chambers Carter
aka Bluejay12 ~
©copyright~2006 - 2019
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