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The Unseen Bridge Of Friendship

One never
sees the moment two hearts connect, Its spiritual bonding, a force which has unparalleled strength. I do think it must be of divine providence, God sanctioned, For how else can one describe the miracle of true friendship?

You and I walked along paralleled paths. unaware of each other, Until the miraculous moment when grace draws two people together. Could it be that God reaches out His arms, bridging the distance; And draws one person to the other until they meet in the center of His love?

How else can we explain the feelings of genuine care and love for a friend? Would it not be inspired by the source of the One who is in love? Who other than "He" could match two people so perfectly in friendship? Who other than God knows what we need and what we can give to each other?

It was not so long ago, I walked that Unseen Bridge of Friendship with you. And as I drew close to you, something in my heart felt an unspeakable joy. It was as though I had been a kin to you all my life; you felt so familiar to me. Perhaps it was in the ease and relaxed manner we shared our lives and thoughts.

Its difficult
to pinpoint one specific reason, for feeling this way, having this joy. The main thing I remember is how greatly you made my heart smile, And knowing you, brings this sparkle of anticipation of days to come. Days that will unfold the beauty within your heart, and the consummate caring.

I've watched in both amazement and humility, how much you give of yourself. From you I've learned how to face life's battles, never to surrender. I've drawn from your wisdom; I've studied your unshakable hope and faith.

You have taught me
so many important values in such a short time. You have opened my heart, as to which things in life are to be cherished. What can be more precious than loving, and be loved by a friend? Or more satisfying than knowing you are liked, even when being yourself?

And what can take the place of the trust which is shared by friends? Certainly not worldly things, its the priceless gift we give each other. And how does one ever express the gratefulness of the heart, Knowing that you are never alone in this world, not when you have a friend.

Friends reach out and lift each other to a higher place, unattainable alone. Friends go the extra mile; holding burdens in prayer, and love you through it all. Friends see past the walls, the smiles; they see the hidden unspoken hurts. Friends heal with a loving heart; and love with a healing and soothing touch.

I celebrate you today,
and the gift your life has brought to so many. I thank God for you, for your friendship, and for the way you've blessed me. Should ever the time come when you are feeling lost or alone, Always know you have a friend, who will stand beside you, no matter what. Thank you for reaching out towards me with both hand and heart And for taking the chance of joining me on that "Unseen Bridge of Friendship". And May God bless me with your friendship, for in knowing you... I know Him

(^,~) me...

This beautiful prose
written by Suzanne Nichols.
Designed by Bluejay12
~ This says what is also in my heart about friendship ~ 6/8/06 ~

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