When you are happy and I hear your hardy laugh

When we share a long ago secret, and understand it was in the past

When your eyes sparkle, or they shed compassionate tears

When we are just being us, sometimes serious, sometimes playful

When we don't have to talk, but we know what each is thinking

When we don't have to explain

When you remember special times

When we dance in the rain, or kiss in the moonlight

When you walk into a room

When we hold hands in a crowd

When you give me time to myself

When you are just being you, carefree and spontaneous

When you embrace me and smile to lift my spirits

When you grasp my hand and we kneel to pray

When I watch you peacefully sleeping

When I feel your heart beating

Even when you are not looking …………

These are the times when I love you.

Written by
©Barbara L Carter aka Bluejay12 ~
©Copyright 1972-2019
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