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Now that the wintery month of February is over
And the month hopefully a pleasant memory.

That all have seen the beauty of winter.
Pure white snow, ice-laden trees,
Majestic star bright glory.

An array of beautiful songbirds visiting feeders.
The morning sun teasing fields of glistening dew.

Winter beauty frozen in one's mind.
Whispers of spring, amorous love touching you.

Bright yellow daffodils, piercing through
left over snow, to kiss the warm sun.
Delicate white snow drop flowers
peeking through the tempered cold earth.

The snowcapped mountains shedding their winter blanket.
Towering trees stretching their bud tipped limbs
outward from their huge girth.

A new month, a wonderful time to refresh.
New life, new hopes, new dreams.

Nature sweet, bring peace to thy soul,
As lackadaisical fish come to life, beneath frozen streams.

Yes, enjoy March, t'is a month of renewal, rebirth.
Take pleasure in all that surrounds you.

Glorious spring is almost here my friend
Hear the mating calls of the wild, for they know it to.

May your soul be reborn, fulfilled, humbled in simplicity sublime.
May your mind seize the moment to grasp life's pleasures
For it has been given to us to live as we choose.

Be rid of your winter doldrums, dance amidst spring flowers.
Each moment a breath of fresh air, and time is much to precious to lose.

Written February 28th 2002 By
©Barbara L. Chambers Carter aka Bluejay12
Song Title: Soft Sounds

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