Just Me And My Words

I sat and pondered this evening,
Watching a beautiful sunset
With its blues, yellows, whites
and shadows of pink and orange.

Humming birds gathering
their last taste of nectar for the day.
Crickets chirping, as a distant whippoorwill
Sings a song to its mate.
Dogs barking to a friend in a yonder field,
Where fireflies begin their awesome glow.

The wind is blowing ever so slightly.
Life in its Majestic Awe inspiring beauty.
What have we become, that we miss these things around us.
Where are we going,
With all it's uncertainty.

Should we grow old and say
we never experienced life?
To find out we passed it along the way.
Who would listen and
understand these words?
Except for the ones
that truly feel love
and compassion for life.

When all seems lost
and you feel behind a rock,
do you stop there?
Or do you keep chipping away,
one tiny stone at a time,
Until you have broken through that
which stood before you.

And once on the other side,
do you look back at what
you have accomplished?
Water that flows down a river
can not be stopped.
It can be detained for a period of time,
but it keeps pushing till
it flows free once again.

As in life we must be
persistent as the water.
We may be detained for a short time,
but with will and encouragement 
We will keep going
till we join the inevitable
gathering at the end.

Shenandoah Valley

Written by
İMarty Sinor aka Bocephous40 ~ June 20, 2006

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