During the lull of a cold January into February,
we get anxious, impatient, restless.
It is called "cabin fever" or "spring fever".
We restlessly envision springtime signs
Of new life coming forth.

Watching steadfastly,
For snow drops and daffodils,
To peek through the snow.
Then we step outside
To inhale the sweet fresh air,
Oh, how wonderful to feel
The winter sun's warm glow.

The pristine white snow slowly
Seeping into the earth
Taking with it endless tracks of squirrels,
Opposums, fox, and deer herds.

Glistening icicles dripping,
Silently from roofs edge
As we listen for the cheerful,
twittering songs of baby birds.

Sleepy pines, free of heavy snow,
The mighty oaks waiting, for their tiny buds to burst
And bloom to full beauty.
Rainbows and soft puffy clouds,
Playing in the azure blue skies.

Impatiently, we await the arrival,
Of spring and redbreasted robins.
Quick glimpses of shadows winging on sunlit snow,
When the wild turkey flies.

Winter with all it's beauty and fury
Will soon be a time in the past.
Heavy winter clothes, will be changed
Into shorts and tank tops.

Ice skates will become roller skates
And frozen ponds will melt,
Into ole' fishing holes.
No more scarves, gloves, or snowboots,
It will be bare feet, sandals or flip flops.

Warm days, cool evenings,
Sunshine, spring rain.
So be patient, soon butterlies will be playing
Midst the flowers and clover.

Then it will be time to open windows and doors
And the unrelenting cabin fever
And gray winter skies will be over.

Written and designed February 20th 2007
by ©Barbara L. Carter aka Bluejay12
© 1972-2019
& Diamondavid
Song Title: Butterfly Kisses

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