Colour me red, for my flippant indiscretion,
But be not embarrassed for me, nor condemn me.
Blind love, open my heart
to wallow in your passion,
free me from myself.
Oh, the tangled web that I weave.

Be gone trapped misery,
release my crushed spirit.
Flirtacious glances across the room - fleeting thoughts.
Be still my pounding heart,
for tonight we will meet and embrace romance.

A lustful indiscretion perhaps, but a need for self.
Frenzied fury burning within,
Animosity overwhelms me.
Oh, my love, how long till our secret
rears and fades into oblivion?

Communion? Dear God, how I love you
The hypocritical evangel that I am.
Confession? Good for the soul,
But I cannot partake of bread and wine,
lest I embarrass you.

Dearest love, shall we let our transparencies
become reality, free of pretense?
Or let this flippant indiscretion
become but a dream?

Written: by ©Barbara Chambers Carter
June 1987 - Page designed by Diamondavid & Bluejay12
Song Title: The Great Pretender

In 1988 the World of Poetry Board of Directors
unanimously voted to award me the Golden Poet Award, in recognition of this poem.
The highest honor World Of Poetry ever bestows on a poet.

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