Peace is sometimes so far away, that it seems
we will never find the solace we so desperately seek.
But then a blessing no matter how small,
comes to fill the empty space.

It is not only during the Thanksgiving season we
give thanks, it is every single day we live,
that we realize what we sowed and reaped through
the year, were both accomplished, by our own hands and the help of God.
Some will have a harvest of plenty.
Some will have little or nothing.

"There is no reaping without sowing,
no growth without change, no loss without pain,
And no forgiveness less we forgive ourselves first, and then
forgive those who have hurt us in some way.

But one thing that we all can carry,
within ourselves, is love and respect, of family,
friends, and neighbors.
So gather together in your home or their home.

Visit someone in the hospital,
visit lonely people in a nursing home.
Invite the neighbor who made you angry,
to your house for lunch.
Call the sister or brother, you haven't seen
for awhile,and rekindle the
family bond with memories.

There is always
some small blessing to be had,
for which we can be thankful.
Sometimes we look way beyond ourselves,
when the blessings are right in front of us.
Relationships are what life is all about.
The day to day connections
with people within our own lives.
We can touch someone's life, all
we need to do is look around us.

There goes a pretty butterfly
Floating in the breeze
Birds all a_flutter
Singing in the trees.

Plant some seeds to harvest
Touch the delicate Queen Anns Lace
Enjoy the silent moments
Life is Not a Race

~ May you find a blessing in your day ~
Bluejay12/Barb & Joe Carter
and Diamondavid

~ Written October ~ 2005
ęBarbara L.Chambers Carter ~
~ 2005-2020 ~

Triple by Emma
Designed by Bluejay12 & Diamondavid

~ Title of Song: ~ Give Thanks ~

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