^ Sweet Lilah ^
Heart Of Gold

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Its' a very very Sad day for all of us.
First time I saw Lilah,
I didn't think she would
take to me, Boy was I wrong.
She came right up to me with open Paws. After seeing her for the last 3 or 4 yrs when I rode my motorcycle to
Visit It was LOVE ever since. This day is sad for me, and all who knew Lilah. It's a loss much like losing a Family member. She was a Loveable, playful, caring, PROUD SOUL. "YES SOUL" She was in a form of a dog body
NEVER THE LESS A SWEET SWEET SOUL. I love Lilah with all my Heart, and shall never forget Her.
God' said I shall give Man his best Friend. Indeed he did with Military Joe, whom I know is going through a very rough time, and Barbara' aka " Bluejay "

Loves Lilah Gurl 'Oh yes!
And we'll see you again Lilah', Rest my Sweet Girl

Just A Note here.
I remember once I took Lilah 'Well OK" Lilah took me up in the WOODS Hehe! and we were pretty far up in THEM WOODS. I come from Iowa OK ,and we dont have BEARS with TEETH AND RAZORS FOR CLAWS HELLOoo! WE have little BAMBI running around OK' Anyways I'm thinking YIKES WHAT AM I DOIN.

All of a sudden Lilah hears something ,and BOOM she takes OFF on ME Hehe! I'm standing there all ALONE ,and she's GONE HELLOOOO. OK FOLKS What's wrong with this Picture.
My tail was stuck up under my BUTT, AND I WAS RUNNING fast as I could while NOT tryin to pee my PANTS back to the house, meanwhile Looking back as I was running, makin' sure NO BEAR OR BEARSSSS were behind me. I even PASSED Lilah Hehehe So Funny
Ahhhh 'NOT'..
Lilah took off for a reason OK' and I wasn't going to stick around to find out THAT'S FOR SURE LOL

As I was passing Lilah Heheh 'She was probably thinking ok dude what is up with you BUD. I asked her why did you leave me up in those WOODS ALLLL ALONE? She more or less stated "Just playin with you IOWA FOLK Hehe!! She asked me if 'I WAS SCARED? I SAID NOWAY! YEAH RIGHT SHE SAID' Hehe!

Lilah will be missed by many People. She was like a family dog on line.
One friend wrote a poem for her
Here it is

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