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A friend sent an email stating that the drugs you take may give you dementia, but what else is new?
There are soooooo ""many"" side effects from so many drugs it is unbelievable. And scary.

I wasn't sure what to title this page, but do have questions and no answers --- In the last three weeks several people I know here on line have had family members bitten/attacked by dogs. My friend's 9 year old grandson is lucky to be alive today. The dog just missed his jugler vein.

My own daughter was bitten/attacked by a neighbor's dog she was taking care of, in it's own home, while the owners were away for a week. An eleven year old
girl several towns away from us, was severely attacked about month and half ago, walking with her sister and two dogs.
And of course we hear of this happening across the country. And the one thing that sticks out in my mind is none of these dogs were pit bulls, who are said to have a reputation for being vicious.
And as far as I know all these attacks were done by people's PETS. Not strays, or mean dogs. Just pets that suddenly, without warning, turned vicious.

I have been doing some thinking on this now for some time.
MEDICINES _ given to animals. Pain killers perscribed, like our boxer dog, who was on tramadol for pain.
There is a new pain killer out now that can be sprayed in a dog's water dish.
Pills for this, shots for that, powders to get rid of fleas. Shots and pills for allergies. Endless medications given to help them.
BUT could they be getting too much? Could even one medication change their behavior.

Pets are getting more medicines today then ever. Why do I wonder about it?
well, as we see on TV and in ads, over and over, again and again,
the "SIDE EFFECTS" that cause all kinds of problems for PEOPLE who take drugs.
So could this be some of the problem with pets? Overdosed? Too many medicines given to an animal?
Not enough studies being done on animals given meds?

There are people who love their pets, but can't afford to be taking them to veterinarians all the time,
so medicate their animals with whatever they have around the house, or buy what medicine they can afford.

Medicines as we all know, affect behaviorial patterns in humans.
Surely they could affect an animal?
Yes there are mean animals and in some cases, I have to wonder why?
Some were mistreated, but what about those treated with medicines. or given bad food that affected them.

Also something else that comes to my mind is: CONTAMINATED pet food. Does the food we feed them contain ingredients we know nothing about,
that could be changing the behavior of our pets.
How about the chewies, jerky, toys. What is in them?
áWe know all the recalls of food products we eat and drink. And how sick some people got, and several died.
The same could be happening with our pets.

We know there were recalls on pet food and pet items ..... much of which came from CHINA ..... and ingredients sent here to our pet food plants and added to the pet food.

Most folks know how sick some families in Florida got in their new homes that were done with dry wall made in China.
Could this have effect on pets as well?

Remember the news about ingredients being used that came from India & China, in generic drugs sold at Walmart.
Most pet owners buy their pets generic/medicines at Walmart and other like stores.
Hopefully this has all been checked out and medicines are safe.

As in humans, what one person can tolerate, another can not. I would think it is the same in the animal kingdom.
It surely is something to think about .... there is entirely too much going on, with dogs especially, attacking for no apparent reason.

And how many stories don't we hear, that includes dogs or cats or any animals that turn vicious, as in the
case of my daughter. It wasn't in the news.

One more thing stands out in my mind. Mostly because of what happened to my little peekapoo Muffin. So many areas, such as suburbs,
and country homes, people are having their lawns sprayed with chemicals and pesticides.

My sister, who lived in Wisconsin years ago, had her lawn sprayed one morning, and when we got there, of course left Muffin out to run.
As it turned out she spent that Easter weekend in a veterinarian hospital. She was bleeding internally, and passing blood. She was put on IV's. The veterinarian said it was the chemicals used on the lawn.

Our pets can't tell us what they are feeling or how they are feeling. They can only show us by the way they respond, act, behave.

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July 14, 2009

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