I am becoming more and more amazed and informed from people across the country all the changes they are seeing.
West Virginia: I've not seen any woolie worms this year and very few lightning bugs. Wheres all the critters going? Come to think of it, not many bees like there used to be. Only deer and they don't look too healthy.
New York:The deer come to my front and back yard and are so thin right now in September their ribs show. They should be in good shape this time of year.
California: Many little owls used to live in my immense retirement center, many of them living right on people's porches, and now we see none.
áMichigan: Racoons - box turtles - frogs and more are seen no more, or just a few compared to years ago
New Mexico: There used to be so many beautiful butterflies and many were migrators, and now the number has greatly reduced. We see far fewer butterflies.

Pennsylvania: For a few years we were inundated with late summer (september) stink bugs. They look a bit like lady bugs but brownish/gold in color and bigger then ladybugs.
They did not just stay in the soybean fields but traveled great distances, and were hanging on everything including houses. And even got in houses. Last year only a few came around our house. THis year 2009 did not see any.
I am sure they spray the fields to kill them but what else are they killing? This is what they look like.


Texas: The wildlife, bugs, turtles, and other critters are not as abundant in Texas either. Scarey isn't it.

Michigan: Normally, every summer during Lightening Bug mating season...á I would see 100's out side my apartment each night, in the yard (back part of building)...ááá This summer I only seen about 15 to 20 a night...áDuring day, would see many birds, sparrows, wrens, black birds, couple cardinals and young one..
But this year only seen some sparrows, wrens, black birds.... And one younger cardinal (baby from last year) and no parent cardinals around at all..á For last few years, something has been killing the Box Turtles....áá Only seen one Daddy Longlegs this year...áá Use to have a few Chipmunks around my outside area of my apartment building... But this year seen only one.

Kansas: Another thing that is happening worldwide to affect everything is the weather.
Last July, we had golf ball size hail storm that damaged a lot in my area. In downtown area there were thousands of birds lying dead in the streets.
In USA and the world, we have tidal waves, earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, blizzards, snow, and odd weather seasons that are not what the seasons used to be.
I believe these weather patterns affect all fowl, insects, animals, and plants, damaging or killing them.
The odd seasons we all have been having has not helped but only confused all. These weather patterns are affecting everything.
Lewisburg,Penna: The summer of 2009 was strange. It's the first year I've gone without a bee or wasp sting. Were there fewer bees and wasps? The fluttering bats that traditionally stirred the dusk air by the front door were MIA this year. In past years, a half dozen or so winged creatures could be seen flirting in the evening air. This year I remember seeing one solitary bat. He looked lonely.
This was a part of an article that was in the Sunbury Daily Item Newspaper
Title of Article was So-So Summer
written by ęSam Alcorn
Sept 13, 2009


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This page is written by a man in Kentucky who is a caver.
He is a member of the National Spelelogical Society which is an organization that studies and protects endangered bats.

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